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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

When Faith becomes your number 1 training tool and tapering mechanism....

I am going to try to write this with a positive attitude.
I woke up this morning feeling optimisitc after yesterdays 10miler.....

I took 2 steps and realized I could.not.run.
I was limping so bad. My glutes were not firing. I went home and cried, and cried and cried.
it is worse than last week. I couldnt' even make it across the parking lot of my apartment complex.

6 days til Boston. So what now?

I talked to my coach and this is what we've come up with: 

1. He thinks this is more than a strain...possibly a significant gluteal muscle tear
2. I am to take another 3 days off. try running an easy 3-4 on friday to see how it feels.
if it hurts, stop running.
3. Best case scenario and what I'm COUNTING ON is this: if after 3 days off I could run 10 miles yesterday with limited pain...then maybe after 6 more days off, I will be able to run with limited pain?:)

* I am mormon and we believe in the power of priesthood blessings where a man holding the priesthood or authority from God to act in his name, can minister an inspired blessing. I had my best friend Tahsha's husband give me a blessing this morning and it was beautiful. it left me hopeful that I WILL be able to run Monday but I need to REST this butt/leg of mine.

I am actually going to put myself out there and ask if you believe in prayer and have a moment to say a prayer for me? Pretty please?

I have worked so hard and more than anything just want to run on Monday and run STRONG. I will be elated if I can make it to the finish in under 3:20....I don't know if it's realisitic to still shoot for that 3:12?:(

* Perhaps the Lord is giving me a chance to increase my faith b/c He knows how much I've been struggling lately?. I am trying to find positive outlooks:)

I WILL  have faith. I WILL Run Boston. I WILL be ready. I WILL have the courage and faith to rest this week. I WILL OVERCOME.

thanks friends.


  1. Your posts last week were so confident and inspiring. All your hard work and dedication should have a chance shine. I'll be sending up a prayer for you.

    1. thank you sweet girl! i'm so blessed to be surrounded by so many with faith! xx

  2. I am praying for you...really hard.

  3. I DO believe in the power of prayer and also in God's perfect will. I will be praying for your complete and rapid recovery, and that HE will be glorified by how you handle this terribly difficult trial.

    Here's another way to look at it:
    This is- in all respects- a good time to take time off. Many olympic / elite level athletes have been faced with injuries at the end of their training. Some have taken off up to 2 complete weeks before competition and STILL WON.

    As a runner, I have so much respect for you! Sending you a BIG e-hug and a shoulder to cry on. But only for a day, because I think you are still IN THIS RACE.

    1. thank you Raina! Just got off the phone with Stephanie and danya..two very positive influences like yourself and i'm feeling positive.
      I'm not out YET!!! that makes me feel good about the Olympic athletes.
      I just need to be strong and have the courage to rest the next few days. I can do this!!!

  4. Praying for your healing, peace and recovery! I read your previous post and found myself praying for you on my run this morning. I'm so sorry that today is such a discouragement. May the Lord heal your body and may you be able to run strong rejoicing in Him at Boston!

    1. oh thank you Carissa. This means so much b/c I don't even know you. maybe the Lord put me in your mind.....it makes me feel like he is aware of me. God bless your heart and thanks for taking the time to tell me! xxx

    2. Yes. Sorry for popping in and speaking my mind so randomly. I met Amanda recently and had been following her Runninghood blog which led me to yours. Since the new year I have been training for the Eugene Marathon. I can't help but put myself in your shoes and sympathize with the extreme frustration of an injury after so much hard work. I pray you feel better day by day.

  5. I am going through the same thing right now... my marathon is in 2 weeks and I am freaking out.

    Following through your training you have put in all of the hard work, you are ready for this race. Give your body these days to heal and then kick ass on Monday. Your strength will surpass any pain that may creep up. You STILL got this girl.

  6. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN PRAYER. It has gotten me through being raped 16 and many years of depression that followed. God has helped me stand during many tough moments in my life. So I will be praying for you. As runners we utilize the gifts God gave us, our strong legs and even stronger will, for different reasons. God knows you are strong and he will carry you through this.

  7. Sending prayers your way this week. What a horrible pre-race week for you... :(

  8. Praying right now for you! You have been such an inspiration to you and all of your fans. I know your faith and positive attitude will get you through. Make sure you get up and walk around on the plane too! You can do this!

  9. You've got this. You can still do a 3:2 or better.

  10. Praying for you Nicole, you WILL run Boston and kick it's a$$! You are strong and you have the strength to let yourself rest.

  11. Nicole,
    Not sure how you or your coach feels about it, but I would probably take the rest and then pop some ibuprofen on race day and just run. If it is not an SF, you can't realy cause much damage by running on it. This sounds similar to what I had and was dg as tendinopathy. Sending you healing thoughts, Nicole. No doubt you can run the race of your life!. Stay strong!

  12. prayer can move mountains, and you have been in mine lately and will continue to be. maybe she is just telling you to rest because he knows that you are going to crush it on monday! sending all my love!

  13. You have inspired me to run... You have inspired me not to give up, but most of all we believe in the only creator that has given us the breath of life to continue to run spiritually and emotionally.
    I will be praying for you....


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