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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dreaming BIG.....

I have had time to reflect since my last post..this is mostly for me to process my thoughts somewhere where I can go back and read them later.
I met with John yesterday and my Glute Medius is VERY tight....tighter than it should be by a long shot.. He did some electrical stym and did some pin and stretch which was so painful I was moaning and about jumped off the table a few times. 
He seems to think it will be OKAY...BUT today when I went to run my 12 x 200m workout, it was right back at it. Every step sent a shooting sensation down my left leg that feels like weakness. 
I felt like my leg would give out. I held back and took it easy being sure to keep my repeats between 42 and 44. We think the muscle is so tight it is putting pressure on a nerve maybe. 
I am trying to remain calm and believe that in 12 days it will be BETTER. 

I have 3 x 1 mile sprints on Friday but we're going to wait til I see him again friday to evaluate and then if i'm better I can do them Saturday. Taper is tricky b/c we don't want my legs to get stale...we are both being VERY cautious and careful about the whole thing. Pray for me please?:) thanks. 

So...assuming everything clears up and I have a good day...I am going for my A-Goal...

My A-Goal is a 3:12...why a 3:12 you ask? well.....here's a little glimpse inside my head. 
I am a dreamer. I always have been. I like to set a lofty goal and then I like to go for just a little bit more....
Intially when John asked me at the beginning of training what I wanted to aim for I said 3:15...but that was a lie....I had a bigger dream hidden inside...I wanted a 3:12...or even 3:13..both of those just sound amazing to me. 
I told him my secret desire and he said "I think you can run a 3:10"...well THAT seemed out of my league but a 3:12 or 3:13 seemed like something I would DREAM about.....and I mean DREAM. it's something SO BIG for me that if I did it, I would be AMAZED. ...and I want to Amaze myself:) I WANT it. BAD.
So...I'm going for it! I got my pace band I've been fiddling with and i'm going to do everything I can within MY power to get that 3:12....it is a 7:21 pace

Recently when I ran my 40:59 10K race, I plugged my time into the Macmillan calculator and my heart skipped a beat when it came up with a "projected" race time for the marathon of: 3:12:20!! I couldn't help but think MAYBE it was meant to be:):)

I found this picture of Dorothy when I typed in "running racing" on Pinterest!! and it fits with my post PERFECTLY! I have always felt in my heart that if I believe in ME, then others will too....

If there are obstacles out of my control then I will be okay, but I'm not giving myself a cop out quite yet. 

B Goal: sub 3:20
I would be happy with anything under 3:20...all wonderful times that I would feel pretty incredible about for my 2nd marathon....

C Goal: FINISH and break 3:30.... I think something would have to go seriously wrong to be running close to a 3:30....last year I felt like I really was ready and in shape to run a 3:15-3:20 as my debut marathon but the stress fracture and heat/dehydration really ruined the day for me. My marathon paced runs last year I was running 20 miles at a sub 7:30 average so I know I was more than capable..... too bad it didn't work out for me...

I'm feeling confident and excited about Boston. I feel like it's such a blessing to even be able to go!! I'm a little sick over the costs of the hotel for 5 days but other than that..I'm just plain EXCITED!!!
 5days in a historic city with my hubby and  no kids! VACATION!!

Okay...I will be back i'm sure 5 more times to process my bi-polar emotions before race day:)


  1. So proud of you!! You are amazing and inspire me! Have a blast in Boston!!

    1. Thanks harm!!! Brings back memories to meeting you last year! You are amazing and inspire me to live and dream big every day!!!

  2. I love how you go for the moon Nicole. HOw you believe in yourself. And you're right, if you don't believe in yourself , how can anyone else. So many of us fear failure and are afraid to put it all out there and just GO FOR IT! I've lost a little bit of this since last year when I went into Newport. Well, I think I'm just a little more reserved this time but I still believe in myself...just going into this a little less dreaming with wings and little more dreaming with reins on. But you better believe I'll be putting those wings on again this year after I get my bearings at Boston. :)
    I hope you do get your A goal Nicole. The charts say you can. You say you can. You have the desire and the body and the legs and the spirit! And the coach that believes in you. This is huge. So why not?! :) I hope that no matter what you do, you will love you and be ready to celebrate on Monday evening with smiles and feelings of pride! You're going to Boston! We're going to Boston. Wooo hoooo! Love you Nicole. Thanks for inspiring us to dream big. And you'll look good doing it...in that pink top that match those shoes! You'll be the sexiest 3:12 marathoner out there I think! :)

    1. Thanks Chica!!!! You know it's all about how "hot" I feel, the faster I will run! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! I just did my second coat of self tanner. Will you still love me if I wake up looking like a blonde Mexican tomorrow? I believe in you too... I told steph the other day that more than anything I want you to get that sub 3:20! You have worked for it and you deserve it. My gut says its in the bag for you girl!!!!xxx

  3. You can easily do 3;12. Mcmillan's a pretty good indicator (although I can always run faster at the long distances and slower at the short ones!). You've done a huge amount of speedwork so I think you'll be able to hang on when things get tough (you know...mile 22 or so!). I'm very confident you'll get 3:12 or even that 3:10!

  4. Great Post! I LOVE the dreaming BIG and wish you the best!!

  5. You are going to do amazing, I can feel it. Plus you've been working SO hard for this race! Can't wait to see you and see what you can do :)

  6. I love your goals Nicole. You are going to OWN Boston this year. I think that your "A" goal is even more attainable then you think. Your workout ethic has proven how bad you want this and has proven that you got it in you. Go to Boston and have fun. Savor every second. It is the greatest experience to have. Take lots of pictures and remember to relax. It has been so fun to watch you progress over the last couple of months. I am looking forward to tracking you on the big day!!!!!

  7. Nicole, you are going to get that 3:10 and I cannot wait to hear about it!!

    You have had such an amazing season of training and it is all going to pay off at Boston. You have done a wonderful combination of speed work and long runs and all the other good stuff in between. Trust in your training and it is yours!!!

  8. Love these goals! So excited for you and Boston! I will be tracking! :-)


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