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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Longest run in 5 mos!! Women who inspire me & Answered prayers!

Well...today was the day. 13 miles on the list. I have to say I am pretty proud of myself for pretty much writing my own training lately....not that there is much to it, but each week I've laid out my runs and I've stuck to it! I'm at 38 miles today and 2 more runs to go. I'm on track for a sweet 50 mile week and it feels SO good that I have motivated myself to do this.

I plan to build my mileage the next 3 mos, like I  never have before. I want to get up to 60-65 mile weeks of JUST base and maybe  a few light workouts. I have never run more than 59 miles in a week and that was one week during my marathon training.

Unlike most of the women around me, I have NOT been running for years. I have been running for ONE year (with 2.5 mos off for a stress fracture). before that I had 1.5yrs of running under my belt, but really NOTHING. if you can count 15miles a week INCONSISTENTLY sometimes with 3-4 mos off at at time...it's just NOT really a base at all. SO...my goal is to get a BASE! I have 10wks under my belt right now (and 7 mos of training before my stress fracture) of JUST base mileage and hope to keep on that for the next 3 mos before marathon training begins:)

So TODAY, was 13 miles!!! I was excited!
Stephanie planned to run with me and we actually convinced Amanda to come out with us! SO glad she did!
we met at Omsi at 2:30pm and took off. Plan was I would set the pace and we start off SLOW and cut down bit by bit to make it a great PROGRESSION RUN, hopefully ending in a 7:30 mile.
WE did really great!
we all helped each other stay on track at diff times.
My legs were tired by mile 6, but again, having 2 inspiring women with you keeps you going even when you don't want to:):)

WE stayed above 8 min miles until mile 8 and then slowly cut down.
With 1 mile to go, Amanda (ugh Amanda! lol) says "So (in her peppy little voice, lol), are we going to go for a  sub 7min mile for this last mile?" to which I rolled my TIRED eyes and said " YOU CAN! I'm happy right here".....but as soon as the words escaped my mouth, I KNEW I am too competitive with MYSELF to let my friends take off and be a lazy pooh-head and then feel like the loser who didn't have the guts to push herself.
 So, because of this, I was HOPING they wouldn't really do it...but sure enough...they both took off!!! grrrrr....
It took me a while to catch up, but I did.
I wanted to quit. I didn't WANT to push that hard. I wanted to be complacent!!!
BUT these 2 beautiful women and runners inspired me to push my limits and I'm so thankful!

Mile 13: 6:50. Bring it!

So tired...but I did it. And when I was driving home, all I could think was "if I was alone, I would have convinced myself that I "COULDN'T" run that last mile that fast. But I did, which means my mind would have been lying to me." 
And it was a GREAT lesson for me that I will remember in my upcoming 5K and half marathon.
I can do hard things.
I can always give a little bit more!.
Mile splits:
mile 1 8:47 
mile 2 8:45 
mile 3 8:15 
mile 4 8:45 
mile 5 8:11 
mile 6 8:10 
mile 7 8:29 
mile 8 7:51 
mile 9 7:53 
mile 10 7:50 
mile 11 7:43 
mile 12 7:42 
mile 13 6:50 

So....the answered prayers part of this post is THIS: 

I have been Praying and searching for running partners who push me and inspire me and challenge me for a long time! I feel like they've finally been answered.
I wish every woman could  feel and have what I have with these women. I feel like they love and support me unconditionally. I don't feel like we COMPETE with each other, but rather we COMPEL each other - to be OUR best and push our limits. 

I continually learn from them. I have especially learned from Amanda to be humble and to not be afraid to face my weaknesses and put them out there. To be vulnerable.
 I get so much more out of running than just running. I have learned so much from SO many of you!
There are few more of you who have really touched my life and I HOPE you know who you are.

To each of you, I say THANK YOU. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for not judging me. Thank you for seeing the goodness in me and looking past the Goop!

2012, you better watch out, cause I'm on FIRE!


  1. This is so rad! ha! You area awesome. And this is a great post...loved your writing here. I read it aloud to Waylon and he thought it was great too. I'm totally laughing at what a wimp I was being at the start of this thing. I really was TIRED and just so not feeling it. And then I started to feel better but overall, this was a tough run for me. Loved having you guys! Both of you! So cool. I will surely have to get out and run with you guys again...might not happen much this year though. Thank you girl. I've learned a lot from you too and you've blessed me with your friendship. Thanks for bringing out more of the competitive side in myself!! I can be so COMPLACENT when it comes to running!! Love ya! And yes, you will be on fire! You already are.

  2. So beautiful! All of it ... ALL of you! :) Great job girlies! Way to push it :)

  3. wow, that is an awesome run!! I'm jealous!

  4. oooohhh, i love this post! so jealous that you have such an amazing crew to run with! what your body is capable of right now is amazing, and the crazy part is that you aren't even speed training yet! you are going to be on fire for real once you start incorporating that into your training!

    sorry i missed your call yesterday, that was such a pleasant surprise! i hope that you are around this afternoon because i'm going to give you a ring back once i get in from my run and we can chat!

  5. Glad you survived the injury well, and you are fully back to running that is so important to you.
    My suggestion is that you stop emphasizing, frequently and at length, how "new" you are to running, because it is not really true. It seems you are craving a constant praise. Yes, you are an EXCELLENT runner. Why do you need to hear also: Oh, you are so great and you just started?

  6. Congrats on such a great long run!

    Glad things are going so well after your injury! It took me so long to recover from my stress fracture that it took me a few months to build back up.

    Have a great weekend :)

  7. I would just love to see the 3 of you run to know what fast truly looked like! Cheers to running buddies that help you dig deep!

  8. What a great post! I feed off your excitement in your posts to get my ass into gear for my workouts:) You lovely ladies are so lucky to live so close. Having support from people who mutually understand is probably wonderful! You are going to rule 2012... I predict a speedy future in the pavement before you. :D

  9. My suggestion to Anonymous is that maybe you should spend your energy commenting on another blog. What is even the reason for a comment like this? To make someone feel good? Certainly not to help someone grow or uplift someone. The blog world, especially the running community is a place where we encourage, motivate, support, feel safe about sharing our thoughts and feelings. Nicole was clearly proud of herself (as she should be) and was celebrating her success as a runner. And she is a relatively new runner. She didn't state this fact or point this out to draw attention to herself or to dig for compliments...nor was it to make herself sound great or better than runners who have had more years of learning, building muscle memory, and discovering themselves as a runner. She was stating a fact: She hasn't been running long. She's made a lot of progress in the short amount of time that she has been running. She needs to be aware of this so that she can avoid injury. This blog is a place where Nicole obviously shares her thoughts and personal feelings. If she annoys you or rubs you the wrong way...DON'T read! And if you are going to make comments like this that are obviously not kind, loving or helpful, then at least show who you are instead of hiding behind Anonymous. This makes me think that perhaps you are a person who knows Nicole in real life? Yes?

  10. Thank you Ladies. Again, so blessed to have such kind loving women around me. Amanda, I love you. thank you for being you.

  11. I am just shocked at the comment from anonymous. Somebody extremely insecure would write something like that. I sense some jealousy. Nicole you are awesome and I love you. I will praise you over and over because you deserve it. You work hard at everything you do. You are going to rock it at the Boston Marathon. I can't wait for you to start training.


  12. It sounds like you had a fantastic run with some lovely and challenging women. I just wish I could have been out there too!

    Beginner, new, it all depends on perspective. Some people define a newer runner as someone who is still gaining beginner benefits and learning how to do something. I have been running three years and consider myself fairly new to the sport.

    Is it seeking praise to mention your accomplishments and also mention how long you have been at it? Maybe. Maybe not. If someone is needing praise, why not give it anyway?? It doesn't cost you anything. I know I can use as much as i can get!

    Proud of you for making your own training as you build your base- and for being smart about the speed frequency and duration right now :)

  13. when you find that 'right' running partner that is a similar pace and still challenges you, it is such a gift!! so glad you have found that. Get after it, Nicole! Forget stupid 'anonymous'...you are ON FIRE!!

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