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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Your very best SELF

Okay..I forgot I wanted to share something in my last post and after reading Britt's post Here I felt now is the perfect time.
Read what she says and it will only add to this.

One of the things about me that most people dont' know is that I LOVE quotes. I have a whole book of quotes that I made while I served a full time mission for my church when I was 22 back east. I have always dreamed of being a motivational speaker. yes, I am one of those very rare people that has NO fear of public speaking. In fact, I love it!!! you get me on my soap box about running or Natural child birth and watch out!! I could go on for HOURS!! LOL

Well, in all of the thousands of quotes I have heard in my life, ONE has stayed with me longer and more powerfully than any other.

Here it is:

"There is no nobility in being Superior to some other man. True Nobility is in being superior to your previous self".

Please read that more than once and it should REALLY hit home.
this quote has followed me throughout my life and I think it really applies to running.
I have tried really hard NOT to get caught up in comparing myself to other runners or trying to beat ANYONE else but myself. and when I lose sight and find myself thinking I'm not as good or as fast as so and so or if someone else is faster than me that means they are BETTER than me (the lies the devil tells us;)), I reflect on this quote and it brings me back to reality.

The ONLY person I need to beat is my previous self and I love that!!

and to be honest, I am the funnest person to beat!!!:D

I think along with Integrity (see Britt's post above), comes the ability to find assurance and confidence in ourselves and the gift's God has given us. We all have different abilities and different capabilities but as long as we are doing everything we can with what we've been given, that should be enough...and we know we are OUR BEST.


  1. I love quotes too, and that is a really wonderful one. Everyone should keep that quote in mind at all times. :)

  2. Halleluja! This is an awesome way to start my day. I love that you want to be a motivational speaker, that is quite possibly the best dream ever. This quote is wonderful and it warms my heart. If only human beings would stop in moments of trial and think about this, then the world wouldn't be such a rough and dark place.

  3. I absolutely LOVE your blog message today, Nicole!

    It's so funny, because when you emailed me, I was thinking to myself, I bet her easy paces are wayyyy faster than mine right now, because I am not running that fast these days. There I go comparing myself again!
    The race is always really against myself here too :)

  4. GREAT reminder! So true! Man you are smart! Hee hee~!

  5. WOW!!!! I needed this post big time. Seriously, this helps to get out of the comparison trap big time. I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER....could you get any more gorgeous!! I LOVE quotes too and I am adding this one to my favorites!

  6. Nicole
    If this is not so true! Wow what a powerful post u should be a motivational speaker for sure! Your a good person with so much to offer thanks for this post!! I feel like I need to come give u a huge hug! Loves

  7. This is a wonderful 'first post' to read as my first time visiting your blog! You seem so inspired and THAT is inspiring to others. As women we are usually our own worst critics and we need to change that! It's so important to realize each day is a NEW day and build for a better 'you' than you were yesterday! Bravo on this post :) I'll be following!


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