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Okay...lets do this in parts:
 First.....3 days til Maui!!!!
 My mom is getting married there next week so Steve, myself and my girls are flying there Saturday morning!! I am SO SO SO excited!!
2yrs ago Steve and I made our very first trip anywhere together.....we never took a honeymoon b/c we were dirt poor and students when we got married 8yrs ago. Our first trip there without the kids was glorious....

we will never forget it! See tis last picture....I know it's small but that is apod of dolphins and I SWAM out to them and got to swim with them in the WILD! a dream i've had since I was 11yrs old! it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

I'm not gonna lie...I'm pretty excited to be in WAY better shape now at 32yrs old than I was 30yrs old when we went the first time!!!
I have abs now and my waist and hips are both 2inches smaller than they were in 2009!!! woot woot! I know I know, I'm vain...but really my husband is a photographer which means he is going to have the camera on the WHOLE time and lets face it, I plan to be in my new SPORTS bikini the WHOLE time! so I better look hot;);)! I have resorted to eating nothing but fruits and veggies for snacks this week in hopes to show up there in my BEST shape possible! already down almost half an inch on my waist and I feel so good! The sugar binge lasted 5 days after my marathon and I felt like crap! LOL

I am excited to be there for my mom and see her get married of course! going to be a WONDERFUL trip!
Love you mom!!

It's been 10 days since my marathon and I haven't run AT ALL. Not even across the parking lot:)
My coach has us take 2wks off after a big race like a marathon but even if I was allowed to run, I couldn't:(:( My leg still hurts. The muscle I tore is my Flexor Digitorum:
It is on the OUT side of my lower leg and it hurts like a mother!:( now the pain has gone down into my ankle. 
I think I am being smart by not pushing it and just letting it heal. I will try to run when I get back from Maui. By then I will have had 3 wks off!!:(
I AM disappointed that this means probably no PR in my half marathon on July 4th. 

My goal was 1:30:00 for the July 4th Half, BUT after 3wks off and then only  4WKS to train....we'll see:)
It is sad b/c THIS was THE RACE I have been waiting for since I hired my coach but there will be other races and I'm trying to remind myself of that!

WHY 3 weeks off???: I know a lot of people are wondering WHY so much time off after a marathon?
Joel said something the other day that seemed to make sense to me. 
The Kenyans take 2-4wks COMPLETELY off after they run a marathon. He said it's actually good to get a bit OUT of shape so that when you start training again, you can shock your body back INTO shape! if I ran all year round and only took a few days off after each big race, my body would not make the huge improvements and PR's. The body needs time to ABSORB the hard training!:) It makes sense to me and I've seen it work before. after my first 2 training cycles and the time off I always came back and within 2wks was running faster than I was at the peek of the training cycle before:)
That is how I went from 1:46 half marathon to 1:32 half marathon in 6mos:) (2 training cycles).

So, in looking for another Marathon to do, I have become very frustrated! Bc I do everything in my power to not run on Sundays I have VERY LIMITED choices. and all the Saturday marathons are either in weather too hot or at elevation and i'm not doing that again!
I think my best CHOICE is to try to get into Boston for 2012. If all works out, my 2nd marathon will be BOSTON 2012 and you better believe I will be going for a sub 3:10 by that time!

remember I told you about that elite female marathoner who was trying to run a sub 2:46 (she has already run a 2:46 but needs to get below that) at my recent marathon to qualify for Olympic trials? well...she had to drop out at Mile 14 due to heat exhaustion but I emailed her to let her know we had some great photos of her! I told her how I was so disappointed at the heat as well and asked her some questions about her plans etc. 
She wrote me back and I just wanted to share a few of the very UPLIFTING things she said about my future that gave me HOPE!.  ( I underlined the parts that made me jump with excitement!) She is such a nice person!


 First, CONGRATULATIONS ON A VERY SUCCESSFUL FIRST MARATHON.  I mean that with full sincerity.   Your time was absolutely amazing for this being your first marathon and considering the conditions, magnify that accomplishment by 100!!!

I understand your frustration and devastation with your time.  I lived in Seattle for 17 years, so I know what your temperature range has been this winter and early spring.  Since moving to Spokane in 2007, I have had a huge eye opener with running/training in unpredictable weather.  Since mid 2007, the winter's here, while absolutely beautiful, have been very cold.  I have been training, on average since Novemeber, in 15-34 degree temperatures.  Most of my training days included the following and an absolute must:  snow blower, yak traks on the bottom of your shoes,  de-icer, several shovels and volunteers.  I was granted permission from a local high school to train on their track so long as I maintained it etc.......  I ran the Phoenix Marathon in January.  It was so nice to not have to deal with warm clothes and heavy equipment, and just to go outside and run .  Acclamation is a whole different story.

Now that your first marathon is under your belt, I am glad to hear you will try again.  I assure you that after your first two marathons (so long as you are seeking outside, professional opinions/training) are a much better experience.  While I did my first two, marathons,  solo with no trainer or coach,  I can only imagine the possibilities had I sought or hired someone to help me.  

With a time of 3:35, for your very first marathon, under the conditions you ran in, there is no doubt in my mind you can break a sub 3 hour.........quickly.  Don't let your time discourage you.  

Again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!  I read your story and I cried.  I understand exactly how you felt.  Keep it up and never look back.  

I dont' want to share her name until I have permission but thank you so much for this beautiful email!!
I am REALLY excited!! I told my coach yesterday that I want a 3hr marathon in 18 mo's and he told me he thinks I can do it before then....which makes me excited but I also know I need to find some good marathons with good weather conditions on Saturdays and that is hard. he wants me to run Eugene next year.....but we'll see.

The girls and I have just been hanging out by the pool. I have been sleeping in EVERY day since I don't have to get up to run and it is GLORIOUS!!!!! 
I have been making an effort to get into our new apartment gym and lift the free weights and do my ab exercises...so far so good:)
I love being healthy! I love feeling GOOD! I love being a mom! I love being a wife and  I love having legs to run!!!!....FAST;):)

Today, I am taking the girls to get pedicure before Maui! I can't wait!!!
Life is just so good lately and I'm so thankful to God for that!!
 My little mooshy trying her new flipper in the pool!
 Me and my babies!!! 

One of my new sport bikini's! 
do you know how long I've looked for a NICE sports bra style bikini?!!
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