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6 days!!!! A RUN yesterday & new LuLu shorts!

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

count it people, SIX days til my very

I think back to 7 mos ago when I embarked on this running journey..... first thing I ever told my coach at our first In person track session...." I have no desire to run a marathon"....I partly was lying to myself. I have said for over 14yrs that SOME DAY I wanted to run a marathon:) but I just didn't think I would be doing it 7 mo's from that day:)...oh the surprises life brings.

but the more I ran, the more I LOVED the long distance.....there is just such a HUGE feeling of accomplishment when you finish a long run, ya know?

SO! Update on the sicky icky ME:

Friday, I was feeling a bit better....

THANK YOU by the way, for all your encouraging lovely words on my last post:)

So, friday I was feeling a teensy bit better so I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and it was the most LIBERATING 3 miles I've EVER run!
I just kept thinking to myself "thank you God, thank you God. Please get me to race day healthy".

This is my HAPPY PLACE smile! I seriously was on CLOUD NINE!!!
(and side note, I don't normally run with this much makeup on! I had just finished a wedding)
(though I SHOULD b/c I would look a lot better in race photos!;) lol)

Then yesterday, I had to work AGAIN! ugh....but AFTER my wedding I happened to stop by the LULU LEMON store !!
What do you do when you've been super sick and feeling down and are 7 days from your first marathon???
Okay, I know all of you have been raving about these shorts ( the "Speed shorts") and ladies..it is NO LIE! the MOST COMFORTABLE pair of shorts I've EVER worn and probably the most flattering as well! If I had an extra $200 laying around I would buy 4 more pairs right now!

BEST shorts EVER! It's mothers day Ladies, if you don't own a pair
already, go tell you husbands you want some:)

So! after dropping $xxx at the LuLu lemon store and feeling QUITE optimistic about the coming week, I headed home for a nap! and HOPEFULLY a run:)
I was having REALLY bad sharp pains all over my stomach and in my intestines...i think I was/am severly dehydrated b/c of all the sweating at night from my fevers....
but it was my last chance to get a few race pace miles in so I thought I would try!

I drove to the spring water trail and as Soon as I TRIED to run the pains in my stomach hurt so bad..I ran one slow painful mile and decided to pack it in and go home...but as I walked back to my car...the pressing thought was ...I REALLY want to feel race pace one more time.....so I started to run with the goal of just seeing how long I could run with the cramps..... I ran 3 miles at sub 7:30 pace and then 1 mile easy and 3 more miles at sub 7:30 pace!!! I had the most aweful stomach pains/gas pains but I didn't care! I felt as free as bird!! I got emotional a few times just THINKING about what it's going to feel like to cross that finish line!!

This week I have become even more grateful for a few things:
1. modern medicine. the Anti-biotics that have taken my swollen glands and razor throat away:)
2. FRIENDS! You girls are awesome and so encouraging!
3. My GOD..*(this should be number 1!). He DOES hear my Prayers and is ever mindful of little ol me. Thank you Lord.
4. Life. Precious precious life. Lungs that breath, legs that are strong and a heart that is even MORE determined to conquer this goal in my life.

I am going to RUN my little heart out on Saturday ! I will not give up or slow down til I cross that finish line and I will be grateful and proud for EVERY single second it takes that day. I will still AIM for that sub 3:20, but I will be happy with whatever my finishing time is:)

I still feel a bit crummy but plan to get to bed early all week and try not to stress about my 10foot long to do list for work etc that has to get done by wed before we leave:)aaaahhhh...

I can't believe I'm going to do this and I couldn't be more excited!!!
Oh...and I should add Please pray for no wind or rain! (thanks for the tip Harmony!) right now the forcast for Saturday in Spokane says thundershowers and lightening! LOL..

Peace out friends!