About me

My bib # so you can see my results tomorrow

Hey Ladies!!!
Okay, so my bib number is 376 and I'm in the Windermere Marathon
you can see my final results at www.milliseconds.com

you can't track me during the race but the finish results should be pretty instant:) I start at 7am PST so hopefully sometime around 10:20 I will finish. God willing:)

the weather report is calling for a freak storm to start tonight and carry through tomorrow morning during the race. yippy skippy.

this includes Rain, WIND, LIGHTENING and yes even HAIL!
So...to say I am praying and hoping for a miracle is an understatement:/
but don't worry I really think God will give me in. Some way, some how:)
I drove part of the race course today and it's beautiful:)

I am feeling excited but like it's not really REAL yet, ya know? I hope for a good sleep and that I can experience Race Day Magic tomorrow:):)

til then!!!