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Friday, May 6, 2011

Sickness and a strange blackout which lead to that whack on the head I asked for....

Okay...what am i supposed to be learning here?

This is the question I asked when I woke up 2 mornings ago with swelling glands.
Wednesday morning turned into wednesday afternoon and the fever hit...the body aches etc.
Yes...pretty much the same sickness that knocked me off my feet at the beginning of this training and made me miss my first 2 wks of base training. It's baaaaaaaaaack!:)

I went to bed on Wednesday at 6:30pm:) This was after practically overdosing on vitamins and zicam all day:) well...after waking up every 1-2hrs from 8pm on I finally got up at 4am (sweating with fever) to take some more zicam. You can see I am really thinking this is going to work right? the zicam can't wait til 6 or 7am:)

I walked into the kitchen and I remember feeling like I was gonna get sick....everything went black and that's the last thing I remember????!!!..the next thing I know I feel a huge bash on my head and i'm lying on my back on my bedroom floor!.
steve screams "Nicole!" and jumps out of bed. After coming out of what felt like a coma, he told me he saw my silouette trying to grasp the door as I stumbled into the room and then i just collapsed:/
My face was green...at least that's what he told me, I didn't really feel like looking in the mirror at that point.
what would have happened if I had passed out in the kitchen i wonder? would I have laid there til morning? lol....
seriously..one of the craziest experiences.
Anyway...to say the least, I AM SICK!.
Now...I COULD look at this with 8 days before my marathon and just throw in the towel.
i mean really people...how many setbacks can one girl have in 8wks of training?
Instead I decided to take the positive outlook and here it goes:

1. It is a blessing that I got sick THIS wednesday and not next wednesday:)
if it was next wednesday there is no way I would have been better by saturday to run.

2.This last and final straw has taught me that I can't always be in control. I must exercise my faith and trust that the Lord knows me, He knows my goals and dreams and He is in charge.

3.I am feeling more grateful than ever that I have legs to run..( and a head as well after that fall!) and realize that how fast I run this race doesn't matter as much as I thought it did.

4. I think after all these setbacks, I am actually going to APPRECIATE running this marathon than I would have otherwise. I think the feeling of finishing is going to be the most amazing feeling. If I can run a marathon after all this crap, I can do anything:)

5. I realize I am a strong person. One that does not give up easily:)

6. I am probably going to have REALLY fresh legs since I probably can't try to run again until at least monday. (okay..that makes me a little grumpy, but trying to be positive)

I came into this training determined to run a sub 3;20 marathon. The trials,injury, sicknesses that I have faced have caused me to reflect upon that goal and ask myself.
Is the goal of the marathon to run a sub 3:20 OR is the goal to finish the race as strong as you possibly can and feel the amazing sense of accomplishment for doing so? REGARDLESS of your time? of course...my answer is the latter.

I know I am still going to do well b/c I am a fighter, NOT a quitter, and I am going to go out on race morning, singing praises to my GOD for giving me a body that CAN run, a Heart that loves to run, and the WILL to run no matter what!


  1. I loved #5!!

    ...and #6 is SO TRUE!! Fresh legs are a good thing!

    You are going to do great. ENJOY the race! Maybe that's what this is all for...giving you a chance to actually sit back at a less speedy pace and just enjoy the day :-)
    Just trying to help :D

  2. Ok so i totally have been loving your blog! Girl You have a gift for running !You will totally rock this marathon!!!!! It's crazy the things we go through to learn life lessons isn't it! The first marathon I trained for the race was on a sat and that wed I had to get a emergency Surgery and was in the hospital for a week didn't get to run after all that training but I will tell u this I learned a TON about me and about life!!!! I am running my first marathon this weekend and am so much more grateful like your for the gift of our amazing bodies!!! Truly!!!
    Just hearing your attitude it tells alot about you are how strong you are!
    Just keep up all that good positive talk!!! You got this girl!!!!!:)
    You will do awesome I know it!!!

  3. Ps I was signed into the wrong blog this is my running blog I am a newbie to these running blogs and I am loving it!:)

  4. Nicole - I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick and passed out. Very scary! I don't know exactly how you are feeling - but I was pretty close. I, too, was very sick 2 weeks before my race: cold, nausea, cough, itchy eyes/throat, etc. I took care of myself - lots of vitamins and healthy stuff (oil of oregano works awesome - you can find it at Whole Foods or a health store) - and rested up. As soon as I started to feel better, it came back the week of my race (thankfully it didn't "take me out"). You are at a point in your training where your body is tired and "breaking-down" but trust me, you are strong and your body will not forget all of the training you have done!! You are going to ROCK the marathon, I can just feel it!!

    PS I love #2 - He really is in control and knows your plan! xo

  5. Wow! You have had a very rough training cycle! This is really going to make your marathon is a blessing. Hang in there and hang onto your faith!

  6. I AM SO SO WORRIED ABOUT YOU GIRL!!!! You are so so right....both of us need to learn that some things are out of our control!! YOU ARE STRONG and I LOVE that your goal is to FINISH STRONG. I am tempted to buy a plane ticket and come watch you!! Your legs are going to be so fresh! Trust in the Lord girl and everything WILL work out!! LOVE YOU and call me if you need to talk!

  7. thank you SO much for all the loves ladies! I just got home from the wedding I had to do this morning...sweated through the whole thing! but I think my fever actually broke! LOL...I am feeling this strange sense of "awesomeness" right now.....somehow I just KNOW everything is going to be okay. I am going to eat and nap and load up on some more great supplements!!! You all make my running world feel like a welcomed, loved supported place, so thank you! a lot of my every day friends don't run or understand why I do what I do, but I know I can come on here and you all "get it";). Love you all to bits!!!! here's to a recovery and blissful marathon full of GRATITUDE:) xx


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