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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Know WHO you are texting before you send it!

OH man....this is a GOODER! If my husband finds out I shared this, he might ring my neck but it's too good NOT to share!

Last night I was out with my best friend in the whole world. She came down from Canada to visit me and it's been a few years.

I took her for dinner and after we finished dinner, she said she had to go to the bathroom.
I decided to send Steve a quick text message.
I told him we were planning to go to a movie and that I would be home late....then I might have made reference to our sexy night the night before. (I MIGHT have:/).
that was it. No details.

He write me back with this:

"me too. I might be sleeping when you get home. Sext me later"

to which I bust up laughing b/c we have NEVER sexted before but we had laughed at the term.
( you have to know my husband...he is really a funny guy).
then he writes "I am laughing right now"
and I respond with " I am laughing at you". it was all in good fun.

A few minutes later, My friend gets back and we leave.
I get into the car and I get a text from my sister Tina.

This is what it says:

"What happened last night?
Are you sure that was meant for me?lol
Too funny.
What? I'm getting messages from Steve that I think are meant for you.
Are you playing a trick on me?

At this point, I can feel myself starting to sweat and my mind is racing trying to figure how in the HECK she got this text message? when SUDDENLY I remember I had sent her AND Steve a message earlier in the day with a picture of Erika! and then when I texted steve at the dinner table I used the same thread instead of starting a new one.

Well...you can IMAGINE the conversation that followed when Tina called Steve and he answered her call not knowing what had happened yet.
lets just say I about pee'd my pants when I called and he chimed me in on 3 way and tried to get me to explain to my sister!

In the end, this was the text I got from Steve:

"Good Job Bill Gates.
Don't quit your day job.
You haven't yet mastered
Dorkdom texting level 2 yet"
(attached was a photo of him rolling his eyes at me)

LOL.....It's true I am still learning how to use this stupid I-Phone!

Oh my gosh..it was SO embarassing but one of the funniest things that has happened all year.
So much for my ATTEMPT at sexting. I won't do that again.


  1. Okay I probably shouldn't have read this while at work because I just busted up laughing and my boss was looking at me like I have turrets.

    Side note, your header looks AMAZING!!! I love that photo, you look so focused.

  2. OMG! I have to comment on this on my tiny phone keys. I did something VERY similar except WITH details and my husband had lent my DAUGHTER his phone. This was seriously traumatic!!!! Funny now but holy smokes I lost sleep over that one. Funny story! Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. Oh my heck!!!! I'm still laughing as I'm typing this!! Lol!!!:) so so something I would do!!! Thanks for the ab workout from laughing so hard!!!

  4. Ahahaha amazing story! Gotta be careful with those tiny iphone buttons!

  5. Oh my word, that is hilarious!! Something similar happened to me the other day. A week or so ago I had been shopping for my husband and I's anniversary trip to Kauai (Lingerie)...i texted him, "polka dot or purple see through?" A couple days later, I had been texting with my sister in law (his sister) and put my phone in my pocket. Somehow it went to the text to my husband, copied it and pasted it to my sister in law. She responded, "I'm pretty sure that wasn't for me...maybe my brother?" LOL! I just about died.

  6. Nicole - best.story.ever.

    LOVE it...and am killing myself laughing! Way too funny!!!! I think the best part is Steve sending *sext me later* to your sister....bahahahahaha

    great story. glad you shared it...even if Steve won't be overly thrilled! Too funny!

  7. This story absolutely made my day!!!!!


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