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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what a difference 1 week can make.....

well...here we are 1 week later and another LONG track workout staring me in the face.
I decided to do it this afternoon when my friend Tanja would be there..always easier with company.

The workout called for:
3mile progressive warm up
16x 400m
w/ 200m jog recoveries
4x 200m
w/ 200m jog recoveries
1 mile cool down

I went for a massage yesterday at my husbands clinic and she told me I had so many muscle spasms in my back and legs that I needed to take a week off running. HA!. THAT'S funny!.
I politely told Her I just took 2.5 weeks off! :(:( sigh....
my body is sore but I think it's just from jumping into a 54 mile week last week from the get go.
On my way to my workout my coach offered to come supervise and I gratefully accepted. I needed the motivation.

I did my 400's but we decided to do 12 instead of 16 b/c my hamstring is sore and I don't want to injure myself.
I did well BUT my first 400 was WAY too fast (1:20) and then after that we slowed down and settled into laps that were between 1:26 and 1:29's. That is step back for me which is annoying. 2-3mos' ago when I did this workout last I was running 1:26's consistently so I should have been running 124's but oh well.
My 200's on the other hand would normally be 35-37's but I was running with Tanja and that girl is fast and kicked my booty so I ran those in 0:32's:):)

all in all I was SO glad that I could DO the workout this week unlike last week.

I am realizing though that I will probably need to adjust my goal time for my marathon:(:( I lost a lot of fitness in that 18 days and it is apparent.

But the SUN came out and I had a wonderful date with my 6yr old. I took her for her first pedicure and she loved it, it was darling. I am so blessed to be a mom:)


  1. Sounds like you are getting back on track, and that your speed is still there just waiting for the right moment to burst out and surprise you!

    I hate 400's and have them on the books for next week, you have provided me with some much need inspiration that I can do it.

    Don't give up hope on your goal just yet, you are capable of banging out an awesome marathon!

  2. I am loving 400's but I am much slower :)

    Those are super speedy times! glad you are feeling much better this week. Give it another week before you decide to adjust your goal times, you may just surprise yourself!!!

  3. P.S. Thanks for being awesomely encouraging!

  4. First of all: WOW, you are SO beautiful! And I can't believe you have 2 kids! :)
    2nd: You really rocked the track workout, even after being out for 18 days. You go girl!
    3rd: I can't wait to follow your blog and journey to try to BQ. It's great to "meet" someone who has the same goals and is running their 1st marathon, too. Ours are close, so we can offer each other encouragement! :) Good luck with training!

  5. Thanks girls! you guys are seriously so awesome and sure know how to make a girl feel like a million bucks!:) Britt...you are right, I will wait til I am closer to my marathon to make a final decision on what my goal should be.
    I have been feeling sort of down after this last week but you guys are helping me feel motivated again!!


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