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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Starting over. Take 2:

Okay...the eve of marathon training is here...AGAIN. That's weird. Didn't think I'd be starting over 2wks later but here I am.
it has been a rough week!

finished my 8wk cycle.
had 8 days off.
started marathon training.
ran 2 days.
got sick.
DIDN'T run for 8 days
Now starting again!!!

I have never taken 16 days off running since I started training with Joel so I'm a little afraid to see if I've lost a lot of fitness or not?. hope not.
But here I GO!!!!....
Now we are down to 9wks of training.

I am going to run a MARATHON in 9 weeks????????????


  1. I think I may have a sinus infection too. I got the flu in mid January and haven't been completely well since. I am talking to my dr. about it today. I hope your antibiotics work fast and you feel better soon! I have my first marathon in 7.5 weeks so I hope to get better fast too.

  2. My guess is that coming back healthy, you will get right back to where you were 8 days ago very quickly :) And it will be a much better situation than if you had remotely tried to power through the sickness. Sending my best!

  3. thanks Ladies!!!!
    BEth....get to the doctor for sure! our first marathons are within 2wks of each other!! FUN!!
    XLMIC (sorry I don't know everyone's names). ...I sure hope you're right! I am just going to MAKE it that way!! lol... I'm more determined than EVER!!
    I can't WAIT to run tomorrow...5:45am lol..I must be crazy!

  4. glad you are back to normal! I have a feeling you'll be just fine and I'm sure you'll be giving it 110%!!!!

  5. I think you'll be better than ever..your body let you relax during your time off and obviously had some junk to get rid of...now that it's gone and you're on the mend, you'll be even speedier than before!
    Chin up - you'll kick that marathon's BUTT!!!

    You're awesome!

  6. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Glad you are back, and thanks for getting my butt out to Leif Erickson....what a great trail-even if I was a sickie. bleh.

  8. Okay, I am soooo behind on your blog and I'm not sure how I keep mising out! I don't know why I'm not seeing your blogs pop up...I guess I have not been on there much the past week or so but I'm way behind...not intentionally being a blog snob! :) And I never got back to you aboutyour comment about my 5k...thanks. It felt great. :)


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