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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sore quads and celebrity encounter on my run!!!

So, first run back was friday morning!! I can't tell you how excited I was!! SO excited Igot up at 5:00am to drive downtown to meet some new girls to run with.
Apparently they changed their time and I almost missed them:(:( but luckily just as I was leaving I saw them and jumped out of my car.

I thought they were only running 4 but turns out they were running 8...and at a much faster pace than I SHOULD have been running.
first run back.EASY run, should have been 8:30 pace...but everytime I looked at my garmin it said 7:30-7:45...I was thinking "oh crap, this is NOT what I'm supposed to be running after being sick and having 2 wks off:(" but I survived...thought my legs were SORE.

then yesterday morning we went to Leif Erickson...which is great but is rolling hills in a steady uphill climb for the first few miles..
I was trying to run it slow but could not believe how SORE my quads were by the time I hit 6 miles and turned around.....it was RIDICULOUS. it must just be that I haven't run b/c they were KILLING me!
anyway....when we were about 1 mile from the bottom, GUESS WHO I RAN BY???
SHALANE FLANAGAN and her couch...andthe other blonde girl who is in the article with her in this months Runners World.

I was too stupid to stay something but I should have yelled out "Hi Shalane!!! Look, I'm wearing your compression socks from the Runners World article!!" lol..do you think she would have thought I was a DORK??! ha ha...probably!!!

Anyway.... 12 miles done....8:20 pace...good easy run....

OH and then I went to bed last night at 6pm and slept 12 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo....

all geared up for this week!!!


  1. Glad youre back in the game!

    I'm jealous that you saw Shalane Flanagan, I love her! You are much cooler then me because I would have probably been crazy and chased after her.

  2. What a way to hit the training!! Great runs.


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