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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Say...YES? to Drugs.........

Oh and I did!!
I have DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just took my first dose of my 5 days of anti-biotics. Apparently I had the flu turned
hopefully this kicks it and the plan is to start running
(but that's still 4 days away)
*now lets just hope that the fact that I will only have run 2 out of the last 20 days doesn't set me
TOO FAR back:(
Do you think it's too late to catch up???


  1. Hooray for drugs!! It is not too late to be just fine!

  2. Don't worry about playing catch up, you wont be able to make up for missed runs and its too stressful trying to figure out how to. Just remember its the quality of your workouts, not the quanity. You will be well rested and healthy when you return to training, which will make you stronger. Cheers to getting better.

  3. thanks ladies!
    this should be interesting. I am running this friday and saturday and then jumping right into all the hard stuff next week...except I SHOULD have had 2wks of easy runs to build base before next week but now I will only have 2 days of running lol. oh gosh....
    I'm gonna be a tired girl!


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