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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How do you stay Motivated?

I have had a few friends lately ask me "How do you stay motivated?"

so here it is....it's not complicated but a freind on FB said that this advice I gave helped her in her 10K training run so thought I'd share here too:)

One way I stay motivated is by VISUALIZING the finish. For example...for this training...I keep the end in mind. I visualize myself running the marathon. How amazing it is going to feel. I visualize what I will feel like at mile 10, mile 16, mile 20 and then finishing the marathon.....I imagine finishing STRONG (top 3 would be nice lol--even if it's a bit of a BIG dream, it makes me feel good). I imagine seeing my husband and dad and coach and how excited we will all be, how proud they will be of me....as I am visualizing all this, I get the most wonderful joyful, happy feelings. I know I will feel such a feeling of accomplishment and strength and THAT is literally what motivates me.

when I wake up at 6am on some mornings and I'm too tired to get out of bed. I take 5minutes and just lay there visualizing these things. I usually say to myself:
"How bad do you want it Nicole?"....and that almost always leads to me getting my butt out of bed:) I want this...BAD. and I know it will take hard dedicated work to get it. I know it is nothing but a CHOICE of whether I want to put in the work or not, so I just do it.
So...tell me...

"How do YOU STAY motivated?"


  1. Visualization is SO powerful. I feel like if you can dream it, you can reach it - or something that turns out even better, so I'm all for it!

  2. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I too visualize myself along the way and how it will feel at each place and mainly the finish line:) You are doing amazing and I am so excited for you. How is the blister? I stay motivated by remembering that the best things in life require hard work and dedication. I also stay motivated by remembering that it is normal to be unmotivated some times and that you just have to push through it. You are doing amazing!!

  3. right now I am seeming to keep my self super motivated by doing almost exactly what you mentioned. Although I am having a hard time with the "family" part right now. My husband seems to be getting more and more ruffled when I go to train. Making me feel bad that I am leaving. I think as I put in more and more miles, the time I am gone is longer and he has to be with my girls. He is just not getting that 3 mile work outs on the treadmill just wonk cut it to run a half marathon. If you have any advise on this please email me!

  4. When I have a particular goal in mind, coming back to it when I am losing focus always helps. I think it is similar to your visualization. I definitely used visualization when I was a competitive athlete. I would actually go through the entire event, start to finish... sometimes include the warm up... in 'real time'... it would take me as long as my goal time for the race (rowing races are only 2K so it wasn't like a marathon :P). It helped so much to be able to draw on that when in competition... and even during training.

  5. how have I missed all of your posts??! I must not have you on my blog roll but I don't know how that is. So sorry. :( bummer!!

  6. no worries Amanda!!!
    okay...so seriously....I need someone to do some of my long progression runs with and I think you are the only one that runs the same pace as me...can I bribe you? some how? I am going to email you!


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