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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3: first road block

I thought my cold was getting better.
I woke up sicker than ever. Razor blades in my throat, coughing harder, runnier nose. ugh!.
It has gotten a little worse each day since I started running this week.
I tried to do my 8 miles and 3 miles in got a BAD side cramp...made it to mile 4 but was half hunched over. got off. SUCKY.

So...advice ladies?
I have 10 miles tomorrow and gym, 14 miles saturday...
what would you do? take the day off tomorrow and rest? or keep going and risk getting worse and worse?
I am so torn on what to do.


  1. Zinc lozenges. Sucking on them is better than ingesting. But make sure the lozenges actually have zinc in them. Most do not. GNC has a great one. Lots of vit C and drink, drink and then drink some more. Feel better soon. I am living vicariously through your marathon training!

  2. It sounds like you have had a tough week with your vomit incident, the blister, and now a cold. Taking one day off if you feel terrible may do you more good then bad. There is nothing worse then feeling terrible and doing a workout. One day off wont kill you early on in your training. When I'm not feeling well I generally tone down the intensity and decrease my mileage if I feel that I need to work out.

  3. Hey Ladies....so my cold has turned into the flue. it's 9pm and I have cold chills, body aches and shakes..it hurts to move:(:( I feel al fever coming on. this SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS. Trying not to be discouraged but I'm going to miss my 10 mile and 14mile run this weekend. I feel like I just got hit by a train:(

  4. Oh friend I am so sorry! We missed you at the shower last night, but I figured you were sick. Do you need so me soup? Just REST! RECOVER, and you will come back stronger than ever! XO


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