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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back in the saddle????!!!!

Okay...I'm so happy...I think I've got my groove back. I don't know if it was listening to my body yesterday and running those 7 miles at an 11 min pace or what, but I strapped on my shoes for my first run today and headed out in the rain to do 5 miles.
I was trying not to expect too much, so at first I never even looked at my watch to see what pace I was running...

after about 1/2 a mile I was feeling very easy and comfortable, not hurting, not gasping for hair and I looked down to see 8:45pace:) YAY! was all I could think!!!

I ran 5 miles at an 8:33 overall pace and the whole time my heart rate never went over 155, which is very abnormal since some times I was running at 7:30 or 7:45 pace.....

*** My coach had us all start this new supplement with Argenine in it ( you take it 1-2hr before all your runs)....which is supposed to lower your heart rate or something so you can race at a faster pace without your heart rate going into overdrive and it must work b/c NORMALLY my heart rate would have been at about 160-165 but it was at about 152 the whole time and didn't go up or down hardly at all. it was awesome. I felt very relaxed and in control, like I was just floating along:)

I still got a few more miles to run this afternoon and hopefully they feel just as easy:)

I feel like I got my GROOVE back lol....tomorrow is another REALLY slow 6 miles and then hopefully I will feel great for my 16miler saturday!! woot woot!!


  1. YAY! what a great run! the 6 miles should be super easy and then on to the 16! are you feeling 100% from the sickness yet?

  2. Hey Danielle....no not 100% yet but getting there....keep taking my vitamins and also airborne a few times a day...so fingers crossed I get over and don't get anything else til this is over!! lol

  3. Nicole:

    So happy for you that you were able to run and it sounds like you are bouncing back very quickly. Isnt it amazing how the body can heal itself so quick. Happy running and also a Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and your wonderful family.


  4. Glad to hear the news. I love how the bad runs make the good runs feel so good.

  5. Ugh. today. back to 11min miles. I couldn't have SERIOUSLy lost this much fitness for missing 18 days of running could I???


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