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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Apple a day keeps the Doctor away!!....Liars.

Yesterday , I had a total breakdown, I was crying and yelling...the verbage was something like this:
"i'm sick of this! I have tried to be patient! I have stayed off my feet, I have eaten well, I have been sleeping lots, I've been taking tonnes of vitamins and herbs you name it..and i'm STILL sick!! I am a super healthy person, there is NO reason for me to be this sick for this long! and I HAVE PMS! (this is where I started to cry and my husband started to laugh lol)..."

then I flopped down on the bed and cried like a baby. lol
in hindsight it's funny...but boy was I mad.

I sort of still am.
tomrrow is Wednesday. I won't be running yet. sigh.

16 days with only 2 days of running. I'm losing fitness and losing training time.
WHY? it's so annoying you know?

I like to be in control of my life so this is just killing me.

and I know I know I know...everyone keeps saying "try not to stress, it will only make it worse" but really I'm not so sure..b/c I kept my stress level in check for the first 4 days and I got worse each day...last night I got totally PISSED OFF and today I feel a marginal change in the right direction! LOL...so maybe my body is scared of me AND my temper and is actually going to smarten up;o)

anyway..... headed to the Doctor today. hoping for some anti-biotics.
my glands are REALLY swoleen in my neck and my throat is still sore. that is the symptom I've had for 6 days that isn't getting better.

I know I should stay off my feet until i'm 100% but I'm running out of time. ....I feel like I should just start running BUT i'm scared that if I do I will re-lapse and get worse and then I'd really be mad at myself...
what would YOU do???
1. don't run til I'm feeling back to normal but risk losing more fitness and more training time?
2. start runing in a day or 2 and take the chance that I could relapse?

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  1. I have never trained for a marathon, but I am training for a half right now. If it were me...

    I would wait it out. Your not going to get beneficial runs now anyway. You wont be running at a good pace or getting in all the miles you want to get in right?... so why not rest a few more and make the runs count? That way you will recover faster, and not drag this out.

    I know this totally sucks! I feel so bad for you, you were so pumped at the start of training! but like you said, better this now than a week or two before right?

    Just my 2 cents.... hope your better soon and the doctor gets you some antibiotics!


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