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Monday, November 21, 2011

Are you a Fair Weather runner or do you tough it out?

I remember about  a year ago was the firs time I heard this term. Joel explained to me that there are "fair weather" runners who run half the year and then when the bad weather hits, they just stay inside:)....I suppose their are also fair weather runners who still run all year but hit the treadmill when the weather gets bad...AND I suppose there are those who live in places that it gets so friggin cold they CAN'T run out side.  I am having a hateful relationship with the Treadmill these days. Not sure why, but everything feels twice as long and twice as hard lately so I'm avoiding it until I get stronger and faster:)

Here in Portland, it RARELY gets so cold you CAN'T run outside. Last year I went out when it was 19 degrees and after 1 mile my face was borderline frost-bitten. Joel told me afterward HE had run on the Treadmill that day b/c it was too cold:) that was when I knew there IS a limit to running outside in cold weather:)

Well today wasn't too cold...about 38-40, but POURING rain...I did NOT want to go run repeat 800's in this weather....but I did. Gotta get used to it. Never know what Boston might bring us for weather in April:)

Lucky for me, I got to go to the Nike Employee store last week and here are some of the cold weather goods I got!!! NO excuses now! I will be nice and cozy warm, I hope:)

 I LOVE these tights! I bought two pair. my old fav's for long winter tights were Under armour but these are much better and they have a pocket for my key!

I really love this blue top...I got it in Orange too. it's WARM and the hood stays ON:) what a novel idea;)...
also has a pocket. Not many of my tops had pockets before now...what a difference it makes. 
No more tie-ing my car key to my shoe:)
So, todays workout was: 
2mi warm up
4x half mile at 3:15-3:30 (6:30-7:00min pace)
with half mile recoveries at 4:00-4:15.
2 mi cool down.

I was a bit discouraged that this felt hard today. hope my legs make a turn around before Thursday!:o/

My splits for my half miles were: 3:21, 3:20, 3:20 and 3:12 so at least I got it done.

Here I am Drenched after my run. There is something so gratifying about getting out and running even when the weather sucks:)


  1. for me it is outside unless it is too hot...not too cold...95 and up will send me inside on the TM
    or Thanksgiving week when both my kids are off school for the whole week !

    so this is a treadmill week and like you I find everything longer and harder on it. This morning I was just thinking that this will be a loooooong week!

  2. I'm a tough it out girl...I live in New England...you have to if you ever want to be outside from December through March!

  3. Great job on getting out there! Do to my hubby's schedule, I hit the treadmill today but probably would have even if I could have gone outside. I do not like wind! Feels like forever since we have run together, hopefully by the end of the week :). BTW, love the shirt :)

  4. Great job! You are right about the feeling after a hard workout in tough weather. It's a good feeling because not only did you conquer the workout but the weather too! I always feel tougher after nailing a tough workout in tough weather conditions.

  5. I can go either way! :) Love that hat on you. :)

  6. OK-pouring rain is no fun. I'll give you this:) But 19 degrees:) 19 degrees is like paradise to me! I ran my tempo in 3 degrees with a below zero windchill last week. I'm getting a bit soft now though and have less and less desire to be uncomfortable...Also, I'm just teasing here as so much is what you're accustomed to. I have NO idea how these people can run in the south in high humidity. It's like death to me. I would be on the treadmill daily if I had to run in that.

    Love your new Nike finds. I wear 2XU tights and Brooks mostly. I've never tried Nike but you're selling me on these:)

    Great job on the workouts. I have a pretty good feeling about Thursday for you:) Happy Thanksgiving and best of luck to you!

  7. Those are some cute clothes! I remember that freezing weather. I think you have to wear a face mask to get through outdoor running that way. I loved it last year- but my eyelashes froze and my toes cot cold. I didn't realize the Minnesotans duct tape their shoes, though. Ha!
    I would LOVE to be able to get into the Nike Employee store. I have a pass I need to use, but not sure I can get up there before it expires.

    Nice work on the 800's. My guess is that your legs will respond well and fast. The Turkey trot will be fun!


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