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Are you a Fair Weather runner or do you tough it out?

I remember about  a year ago was the firs time I heard this term. Joel explained to me that there are "fair weather" runners who run half the year and then when the bad weather hits, they just stay inside:)....I suppose their are also fair weather runners who still run all year but hit the treadmill when the weather gets bad...AND I suppose there are those who live in places that it gets so friggin cold they CAN'T run out side.  I am having a hateful relationship with the Treadmill these days. Not sure why, but everything feels twice as long and twice as hard lately so I'm avoiding it until I get stronger and faster:)

Here in Portland, it RARELY gets so cold you CAN'T run outside. Last year I went out when it was 19 degrees and after 1 mile my face was borderline frost-bitten. Joel told me afterward HE had run on the Treadmill that day b/c it was too cold:) that was when I knew there IS a limit to running outside in cold weather:)

Well today wasn't too cold...about 38-40, but POURING rain...I did NOT want to go run repeat 800's in this weather....but I did. Gotta get used to it. Never know what Boston might bring us for weather in April:)

Lucky for me, I got to go to the Nike Employee store last week and here are some of the cold weather goods I got!!! NO excuses now! I will be nice and cozy warm, I hope:)

 I LOVE these tights! I bought two pair. my old fav's for long winter tights were Under armour but these are much better and they have a pocket for my key!

I really love this blue top...I got it in Orange too. it's WARM and the hood stays ON:) what a novel idea;)...
also has a pocket. Not many of my tops had pockets before now...what a difference it makes. 
No more tie-ing my car key to my shoe:)
So, todays workout was: 
2mi warm up
4x half mile at 3:15-3:30 (6:30-7:00min pace)
with half mile recoveries at 4:00-4:15.
2 mi cool down.

I was a bit discouraged that this felt hard today. hope my legs make a turn around before Thursday!:o/

My splits for my half miles were: 3:21, 3:20, 3:20 and 3:12 so at least I got it done.

Here I am Drenched after my run. There is something so gratifying about getting out and running even when the weather sucks:)