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New Blogger to check out.....and Just when i'm on a roll.......why does this always happen?

First off...I'm SO sorry I have not been able to read or comment much lately...I'm trying to stay caught up but it is an undaunting task with all that's on my plate right now:(
Mom and sister and niece just left after 4 days ..was SO much fun, will post more later.

Right now I am sick as a dog!
I was goin along this last week slowly getting sicker and sicker day by day, but fitting in all my runs...was excited to hit 53 miles this week and then made the mistake of telling My coach and Dr, John, that I was sick and he told me I can't run today or tomorrow:( I had one last 10 miler to fit in with 6 at tempo...sigh...I'm tired of sitting at 40ish miles every week. this week was 43.

I have this sneezy, watery eye...moving into what will hopefully NOT be a sinus infection thingy going on...YUCK!.. I am headed to bed in T-5 minutes and it's only 7:09pm.

so hopefully I will be back on my feet next week.


My best friend Lacey...mother of 3 boys, 4.5, 2, and 3mos started running 3wks ago. YES, just 3 weeks ago! she is up to 2.5 miles a day without stopping and I could not be more proud of her!

she is trying to lose weight and get in shape and I encouraged her to start a blog where she might find support and encouragement from all of you WONDERFUL women!!! I have spoken so highly of this community!!:)

I hope you go read her story and give her a boost!

She is moving back to Alberta in 1 month and it is COLD there..she will probably have to move inside to the treadmill which she is Not looking forward to. I hope that having lots of fellow runners/bloggers and support she can continue her journey.
she is an inspiration to me and I know she can do it!
She is running her FIRST 5K on Thanksgiving!

Go Lace!!! Love you girl!!