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Sort of, OVER this no running stuff......

Okay, vent coming....you've been warned....

I"m just sort of OVER this. I'm going to ADAPT and doing what they tell me ...which includes ZERO exercise of any kind except for the seemingly lame exercises I do at home  (i'm sure they're helping but i'm venting remember?), i'm eating the very few things I'm allowed to...ALOT of them,  I've shown an
EXTREME amount of discipline in my eyes and yet it's been 6.5 MONTHS!
SIX AND A HALF FRIGGING MONTHS! and I'm still not running.

I'm not even sure I REMEMBER how to run....... I just read a blog that said it can take 3 x as long ot gain fitness as it takes to lose it. Awesome. so does that mean IF I could start running tomorrow it would take 12-18mos to gain my previous fitness back? whats the point...I'll be 40 before I get anywhere near the shape I want to be in to accomplish the goals I have set and probably more prone to injury by then:/ Nothing wrong with 40 but I dont' have enough base years as a runner to START running fast like I want to at age 40:(

This is stupid. Hear me? stupid, stupid, STUPID! I want TO RUN.

Every day I get the thought to run but then I talk myself out of it and tell myself how foolish that would be b/c i'd end up injured again in a month. OR WOULD I?

I'm starting to wonder. I'm wondering if I should just say screw it and start running just one mile a day!
The ADAPT lady gave me a firm talking to and told me if I don't fix the problem i'll just keep getting injured.

 BUT....lets be honest. she doesn't really KNOW what the problem is.  No one does. NO one. EVERY single doctor and therapist I've seen has had a different "theory" on what is wrong with my hip/leg/foot.......
why the heck am I listening to anyone at this  point????
I guess...the other thing holding me back is that cardio at this point COULD interfere with my progress with my thyroid stuff.

ugh. I don't know what to do. I'm just fet up and ready to get my life back. this stinks.

Vent over.