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Choosing to remain positive and Focused....finding the Silver lining in seemingly bad news

Today was a day when I could have let myself be DEFEATED. When I opened my blood test results, I did sit at my kitchen table and CRY (like the ugly sobbing cry) for a good 3-4 min and rant to a few friends.... and then snapped out of it!!

At first I felt like throwing my hands in the air, dumping out my squash soup, grabbing a HUGE BOWL of ice cream and screaming "To hell with it!!", but alas, I finished my soup through tears, ate some green beans and carried on with my day. Discouraged, Of course, but I'll be FINE!:) I'm still alive right? have a beautiful family and am SO blessed. 

My test results came back and my TSH levels and antibodies are higher (worse ) then they have ever shown up before!. I thought all my discipline would have paid off but it looks like as the smoke clears and I clean out my body we sometimes see the "true" synopsis of what's going on.

My Dr said, these numbers more honestly reflect your condition...before you had all symptoms of Hypothyroid but your numbers didn't look that bad, NOW we are seeing on paper what matches your symptoms. He explained that sometimes when there is so much going on, bad food choices, high stress and lifestyle etc, it's like a cloudy mess and things don't show up clearly. Now that I've been eating clean and taking good supplements, we are seeing the REAL me, hashimotos and all:)

Good news is that there is still lots of room for improvement! If I feel this much better just from changing my diet, and my thyroid and antibodies still look like crap, then imagine how GREAT I will feel when I can actually get my thyroid and antibodies under control! 

I'm counting this as a positive!
We are increasing my Synthroid and adding in T3, as well as increasing my progesterone dosage. 

Regardless of whether My thyroid is behaving yet or not, I have made HUGE MAJOR changes in my diet and attitude, all of which have blessed me and family so much so THAT is what i'm choosing to focus on:)

onward and upward!.... Never give up because it could always be worse, right? Thankful for this challenge and all I'm learning. 

Here's one of the greatest blessings in my life: My hubby! surprised him with a photoshoot friday for our 11yr anniversary:) I have so much to be thankful for and this too shall pass!