About me

Dear, "anonymous" commenter

As a kid I was bullied and as an adult I don't tolerate peoples bs.
My feelings are that if you feel like your comments are are not offensive then you should be willing to write and post them with your name beside it. It is a huge problem we face in this world that people hide behind their computer screens and judge and attack others.
No your comment wasn't terrible but it wasn't uplifting either. I have written many blog posts showing how I have CHOSEN to make the best of a really crapy situation. I have counted my blessings through out it all and have used this to try and help others.
I have ONE post where I vent. One. And you jump on there to tell me to change my attitude and not care ONLY about running in my life.
Who the hell are you? You think I care ONLY about running? Them you don't know me or know the passion that I put into my work and my children and my health.i have been living with TONNES of happiness in my life the last 6.5 mos since I haven't been able to run so CLEARLY I don't base all my happiness on running.
I am not writing this bc I feel I have to explain myself to you but to address people like you who wait for any opportunity to throw your judgement and criticiism  around.
Don't like what I have to say then don't read it. And if you DO feel like you have something important to add then atleast be forthcoming about who you are.