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What do all those miles give back to ME?

I just sort of feel like writing tonight....which lets be honest doesn't happen often. I have a hard time sitting down and taking TIME to process my thoughts. I think it's one aspect of my struggle with ADD. I think a million miles a minute and can't really type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts so by the time i try to type it out, I've forgotten what I wanted to say and then am on to another thought already. 
I write most of my BEST blogs at midnight. In my bed. with the lights out. no paper or keyboard insight. 
wish I could Share THOSE blogs with you. sigh. 

anyway, last night was  a hill workout with Team Athena. It sucked. My legs were so fatigued from saturday still that the "uphill" recovery about killed me....I got slower and slower with each rep, but I did it b/c I know it will count for something come race day, whenever that is. I finished the workout almost last but I didn't care. I take my recoveries SLOW and my reps as hard and fast as I can. 

John shared with me recently that for 5K training you want to approach your reps different than if you're training for longer distances. 
For example, he said that If you're doing reps, whatever they may be, you want to FULLY recover before hitting the next one. You WANT to be able to run them as HARD as you can b/c that leg turn over is very beneficial for getting faster at 5k's. This excited me because
 1) I like to run FAST for SHORT distances and 
2) I Like to FULLY recover between:) yes, I'm lazy. 

I am really excited to train for 5K's....I put a bunch on my calendar for the fall. My LOFTY goal is to break 19min before 2013, but I get the feeling a more realistic goal is to break 19:30 in that time period, but what's a goal and a dream if it's not just slightly out of reach right?:) I am a dreamer. I've said that before. I like to go for things that seem a bit too hard to achieve. I just want to see a 18. I don't care if it's 18:59, I just want to see it. and if I can do that....then I want to see a 17, but that's years from now so we'll stick with 19-19:30 and go from there afterward. 

My mom told me tonight that she's noticed a big change in me the last 2 yrs since i started running. It was interesting to have someone else notice this and got me reflecting on HOW has running changed me. 

Here's what I came up with: 

1. I think I have less depression and anxiety b/c I have an outlet and more natural endorphins coming into my life almost daily. 
2. I think I'm a more patient mother and wife b/c i am feeding my own soul with something I love.
3. I am happier. enough said.
4. I have found what it is to DREAM again. 
5. I have become even more goal oriented than I was before
6. I feel more confident about who i am
7. I have met friends who share the same love and passion as me and THAT has helped me in so many ways b/c I have people who i connect with and who GET me. such a treasure. priceless really.
8. I have found an avenue to motivate and inspire through this running blog....I'm sure it's not many, but I know I inspire some. 
9. I have found MUCH better health. before I was just skinny-fat...now I'm actually HEALTHY and FIT.
10. ** I have learned through injury and struggle how to cope with MAJOR disappointment and how to support and Love friends through their great accomplishments in spite of my disappointments. I think it has helped me become a more loving and selfless friend.

These are just a few of the things I came up with immediately. Running is a gift that I wish more people around me could experience. I know it's not for everyone but I think there are many out there that WOULD find joy in it if they tried it. 

Sarah and I were talking tonight about our "gut" feelings and how they often lead us on the right path. I often think that those "gut" feelings are actually the whisperings from our Heavenly Father. 

For years and years I had whisperings that I should be a runner. I am so glad I finally listened. I'm Sure the Lord didn't want me to start running b/c he wants me to run a 18min 5K or a sub 3hr marathon, but i'm SURE He knew ME and knew that Running would bless my life in all the ways listed above

So whatever your gut is telling you now...or has been telling you for years...LISTEN.  If you have a dream you've always wanted to pursue. Go for it. Don't hold back. Don't be afraid of failure...chase a dream......
the joy isn't IN the end result anyway....it's in all the steps along the way that you have to take to try to get there. Someone bigger than  you knows you better than you do. Follow your heart.