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People that touch our lives....when you least expect it....

On Saturday morning I had one of the most special experiences of my career. I was working with my lovely bride Amber, who is just the sweetest girl....we had great conversation about our lives, about our relationships, my children, my husband, her family dynamics etc.....It was one of those weddings and appts where I felt uplifted and inspired to be better and try harder.

When I went to leave she told me she had something for me.  It was already enough that she even got me ANYthing....I think I needed to remind her that SHE was paying ME to be there....what a sweet sweet girl..... I felt bad she had done this for me b/c it was completely unneccesary.

 HOWEVER, when I opened it, I was shocked and humbled to see what she had done.

She had a necklace made for me with the names: Steve, Nicole, Megan and Erika on it. plus another little charm that says "wedding angel".

I immediately started to BAWL. I have been wanting a charm necklace with my families names on it for about 2yrs now. I never told her this...it wasn't part of our conversation....in fact she said "you don't have one already do you? " ....
so there we are, both crying and I just felt SO special and loved....by this woman who I have met once previous to this day....
How did she feel inspired to get me THIS? this one gift that would mean SO much to me. It was  a perfect reminder of the importance of my family in my life and one that I really needed about now.

I feel like God used her as a tool to touch my life. She probably doesn't know that but I felt His love as well as hers that morning. I heard his voice whipser to me in that moment  

" See, I haven't forgotten you. I know you. I know what your challenges are and I will go to great lengths to remind you of my love. Hang in there". 

 It is an experience I will never forget. 

Here is Amber and I...
you can tell I was just bawling my eyes out!
Such a sweet sweet girl:) 

 "Steve" and "Wedding Angel"
 she stocked my personal facebook page to make sure she spelled 
the girls names right. 
no one EVER spells Erika's name right. SO special to me.

I call experiences like this Tender Mercies. Here is a GREAT TALK about this: