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5K Race Recap!!!

I am still feeling like a MILLION Bucks!! I'm back!!!
Well, not really but Back enough that I just ran a 5K at 6:48 pace yesterday!!!! 
and that makes me SMILE:):):)

QUICK RECAP of the last few months before I share my thoughts: 

-9 weeks off after my Pre-Boston stress fracture. 
-3wks of introductory running: mostly 3 and 4 milers the last 2.5wks (about 15-18 miles the last 2wks) and 2 5 milers and 1 6miler:)
-Nothing fast. just easy peasy....trying to slowly build up. 

I was a bit unsure about racing a 5K only 3 wks back but I knew I wanted SOMETHING to do and I knew I wouldn't run it for "fun"...meaning I wouldnt' treat it as a leisurely jog. It's just not me.

I decided I would use it as a "Bench Mark" race after getting good advice off the Team Athena Board....a great time to do it since its so early back into running to see where my fitness level is at and then measure my progress ovrt the next few months against it. 

For the first time in my running life, I went into this with NO IDEA what I was capable of. I was pretty sure I would not be able to hold  a 7min pace for 3 miles b/c I havne't done that for 3mos and I remember how last year at Hood To coast after 4wks back i couldn't even keep up with Melody for a quarter mile at 6:30 pace. 

HOWEVER, I decided that whether it was a 24min 5K or a 22min 5K I would KNOW where I was at and that that was a great start and I would be HAPPY about it no matter what!! I am GRATEFUL to be running no matter how slow I am right now.

I didnt' have any nervousness at the start line b/c I had no expectations of myself except to:
-run smart, 
-not go out too fast 
-and finish strong....
Oh and ot PUSH as hard as I could without pushing to the point of potentially injuring myself:)

So the countdown started at 10 and we were OFF!! about a tenth of a mile in I looked and was at 6:30pace so I KNEW I had to slow a bit...I slowed down to 6:50pace and that  felt GREAT.

I was actually saying to myself " Why does this feel so easy?? must be ADRENALINE....I forgot about that.....I LOVE RACE DAY ADRENALINE!"....

I could have gone faster but knew I wouldnt' be able to hold it so decided to keep it at  apace that was comfortably challenging for as long as I could and then see what happens. 
Mile 1 6:51 (pleasantly surprised)
Mile 2 6:50 ( consistent but knew I wanted a bit faster)
I was still wasn't dying after mile 2 so decided I could pick it up...see what I could do without killing myself...

Saw my husband with a quarter mile to go and smiled for the camera:):)
..(I was starting to feel a bit yucky in my stomach b/c i hadn't eaten)

I focussed on leg turn over and noticed I was between the 6:30's and 6:40's this whole mile which felt GREAT!!! My inner commentary was positive " This is Great Nicole! you're not as out of shape as you thought!! those spin classes for 4 wks are paying off!. Good job!" 
I always try to focus on positive self talk during races and if I need to yell at myself in my head I will..but this wasn't that kind of race:)
Mile 3: 6:40 (VERY happy I ran this race progressively. That tells me I ran it smart.)
Final time on Short course: 19:56

When I came in and the clock said 19:56 I was stunned....BUT don't worry...the course was SHORT! 
2.95miles. I mean REALLY short!!

My overall pace was 6:48 which would give me a 21:07 on the track...I was picking it up at the end though and may have been able to come close to getting under 21 if not really close to the 21 min mark. 

I was VERY PLEASED and surprised. 

I think I can get back down under 20 in about 2-3mos time:) and hopefully get in the low 19's before the years out. 

here are some pictures from the day


Beautiful Becky on her way back!! that chick is FAST!