About me

"All things in moderation"....how this never seems to apply to me....

I have  used this phrase many times when counselling with others but for some reason, moderation and Nicole don't ever seem to find themselves in the same sentence. well, except that last one.

After my 5K last week, I was so stinkin' excited I decided to try my first track workout on Tuesday with Team Athena:)
I also went back to spin that SAME morning after 4wks off. Bright idea? probably not. When you're only  a few weeks back from injury and only running about 15-18 miles a week, doubling up  a really HARD spin day, that leaves your legs feeling like jello and your stomach ready to puke, with your first track workout in 3.5 mos, is probably NOT  a good idea.

HOWEVER, I did survive.
When Tiff and I arrived at the workout, we did the warm up ( it was HOT...80's I think, which is hot for portland) and we were both laughing at what whiners we were. Our legs were so tired from spin that morning. I was seriously questioning what I was THINKING showing up for this.
BUT, again me and moderation. well you know.....so I started with the intention  of running as slow as I could get away wtih for my repeats but I can't control my desire and urge to push in everything I do. I seriously think this is a mental health issue lol. if I don't then I think I feel like the workout was a waste of time. Does anyone else do this? I'm such a dummy.

Anyway..I'm workin' on it, I don't need a lecture.
I know ,I know, I know. Slow down, don't hurt yourself, take it easy...I've heard them all, but when it comes down to it, I'm just gonna do what I'm gonna do. I'm listening ot my body and the last 2wks I've only run 2-3 times for the whole week:)

So the workout was 2 x 800m, 2 x 600m, 2 x 400m.
The option to repeat that again was there but most didn't b/c it was too hot and I didn't b/c that woudl be REALLY dumb. Even dumber than doing track the same day as spin right now.

I was really surprised and  happy with how I was able to run these
800's: 3:12, 3:09
600's: 2:17, 2:19
400's: 1:27, 1:29

Those weren't THAT far off what I was running a few months ago, mind you I was doing alot more of them but this made me HAPPY! I don't think I've lost as much speed as I have endurance.
I finished with a cool down with one of the TA girls and headed on my way.

Then the next day, yesterday, Wednesday I took the girls to a  community track meet:)!! we love these ! they are free and the girls LOVE them!

The girls raced.....Erika won her 100m Dash (barefoot-LOL) and you should have seen the look on her face!! Mouth wide open, ECSTATIC that she was actually winning, LOL...well hear look for yourself.
Cutest. Thing. Ever.
She was going so fast, I couldn't get in front of her but you can still see her very excited face! ha ha

I decided not to run any of the races b/c I had such a heavy load the day before with spin and track but Becky told me I was on their 4 x 400M relay team so I decided that would be fine. 

In the last 2yrs that I have been training, I have never ran a 400m all out b/c I'm always doing repeats and you have to pace yourself. I felt bad being the last to run b/c I felt like I would be so slow. I didn't think I would run it faster than the 1:27 from the day before but when Rick passed me the baton, I took off and it seriously felt incredible. I knew I had nothing else to run so I just decided to give it a go. I glanced at my watch at the 300m mark to see 50 seconds flat and I knew this was going to be the fastest 400 I had run......


Now I know to MANY of you reading this, this is NOTHING, But to me, who has been off for a few months and have never run anything faster than a 1:26 in my adult life, this was shocking. This 1:13 was more than a number. This 1:13 meant I have potential. Lots of it.
I know I have been told the last few years from many experienced runners that I am a 800 and 1500m runner but I never really took anyone seriously. I know I have really fast leg turnover,...it just really got me to thinking what could i do when I'm actually in SHAPE! and training!!!
anyway, i have decided to finally listen and focus on shorter distance for a while. I really think with dedication to the 5K I can do really well in that distance.  It might take 2yrs but it will be a fun journey:)
Here's me coming in the last 50m....

Here are some more awesome pics of the girls from the meet last night:

Erika posing with her baton at the start of the 4 x 400m relay (this kids a HAM!)
 Megan bringing home the anchor!
Erika and Amanda's little girl

Meg and Amanda's oldest (aka: Mini Nicole and Mini Amanda) showing off their ribbons. so cute. 

all 4 girls together

me with my baby after her 100m dash. So proud of that little speedster!
Bex and I:) Check out her blog, she's a speedster:) 
ran a modest 2:34 800m last night....

and of course Mandy and I:) xx

****Saturday I'm running the Bowerman 5k. Just want to run an ACCURATE 5K and try to get under 21. I wish I could race every weekend....it's really where my heart is. 
I'll let ya know how it goes:)