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Sunday, December 16, 2012

2012....not what I had hoped for

Wow. Hard not to look at 2012 and see only how BADLY it sucked -Running wise that is.

I had a good 10K race at 40:59 during a 70mile week in Boston training, but that's about it. other than that...I didn't hit any of my goals for this year:(:(:(
I would like to just forget this entire year in regards to my running and start over.

It has crept up on me so slowly that I never even realized it has been EIGHT MONTHS....since I've run a 40 mile week. most of the weeks in the last 8 mos have been 20-30 miles...and  few that were less than 10.
I have lost an incredible amount of fitness and it's hard to think back to what GREAT shape I was in before boston and how I never even got to run. I never got to see what all my hard work could have done. I got so discouraged after 2 stress fractures in 11 mos that I just sort of gave up mentally after that. it's been 8 mos and i'm FINALLY feeling like i'm starting to get my MOJO back!! I never thought it would take THIS LONG to heal from this experience. It was a tough one on me.

On a positive note, I ran my first 13 miler today pacing a friend to her 1:54 half marathon and ran my first 40 mile week since March. It felt good. I feel like i'm READY to get back into racing shape.

I am having some surgery done on Friday and I will have to take 3-4wks off, but after that I plan to ease back into running and get ready to get serious again.

Plans for 2013:

January: Ease back into running , get base up to 35 miles a week

February-April: Train for the Eugene Half Marathon under Coach Nikki Raffie (www.teamathena.org)
GOAL: Sub 1:30:00!!! this is do or die. I WILL hit this goal.  gonna be tough as at this moment I estimate with no endurance the last 8mos I could probably run a 1:40-1:45 and I am taking a month off so I've got A LOT of ground to make up in 3mos from Feb-April, but I can do this.

May-June: MAYBE train and run the Newport Marathon (depending on how training for the half goes)

June-Dec TBD but I am determined to finally hit the goals of -19:30 5K and -40:00 10K

Though, this year has sucked for me, I understand that these things just happen. I'm trying to focus on finding my "zone" mileage wise and what type of training will work for my body. I am trying to remind myself that I have MANY years of running ahead of me still.
I will be 34 on Dec 27th and many women are running super fast who are years older than me...so I think I still got another good 6yrs to train hard and hit my goals:) 1year in the scheme of things is not that significant.

I love this quote....because I have finally after 8 mos found this desire again. 
here's to 2013:)


  1. Aaack I just deleted my whole comment :( and it was a long one, here is a brief synopsis,
    I pray your surgery goes great and you ease back into a steller year of running in 2013 with some new PRs!

  2. Love this and love your attitude. Hope your surgery goes well, speedy recovery, and you have a great 2013. :)

  3. well wishes for your surgery! some years just never go anywhere close to plan, and that's okay because what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger in the end! the greatest life lesson that i've learned this year is that everything is a balancing act where things tend to crumble when too much is put into one area and not enough into another. for me this year i put too much of myself into my running and not enough into recovery and my faith. running isn't everything, but i was making it out to be.

    it'll come back ;) hope that you have a splendid bday! 34 is young pretty lady! you still have eternity too!

  4. I'm hoping for a sub 1:30 half this next year too. I have NO IDEA if I can actually do it but I remember not too long ago wondering if I could break 1:40 in that distance. Sometimes it's hard to see what's in front of us or to understand what we're capable of. It would be fun if we could somehow encourage each other towards that goal. Maybe do some running together. Happy birthday next week! I just had my 34th back in September and like you hope that the rest of my 30s are speedy. :)

  5. Recovering from injury can be so hard and maybe harder on your mind than on your body! reflection is a great way to set goals - it looks like you are ready for 2013!! I can't wait to read your blog as you accomplish each one you have set!!!!

  6. Enjoy your recovery time, I hope your surgery goes smoothly. You'll be back out there before you know it.

    You will totally break 1:30 next year...and hit your other goals too, I have no doubt about it :)


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