About me


why is silence so deafening sometimes? 
I've never been good with sitting in silence..unless it is to listen for the voice of God. 
Today I am sitting in silence b/c I'm sick. 
oh so sick. 
Strep, the flu...whatever it is is has had me knocked on my butt for over 2 days now. 
I had taken the previous week entirely off running b/c last sunday I went for a run in forest park and the lower calf achilles soreness/tightness that had been coming and going the last few weeks came to a head and I had to walk/hobble 4 miles back alone.
Too scared to try to run again too soon, I just didn't. 
I ran a brief 2.5 miles the following sunday ( 2 days ago), and it was fine but I was gettign sick and it surely didn't help my health situation,....now i'm out for probably another half week or so. 

Maybe all these set-backs are opportunities for me to try to learn to be okay with the present. 
why is that SO hard for me? always dreaming of the future, the possibilities, the 'whens'....I want to be there now...but I know I can't rush these things. 
Its been 7 mos since I had my femoral stress fracture and I'm still scared like a baby to really train. 2 stress fractures in 11 mos did something to my psyche. I'm not sure how to fix it? 
ideas thoughts suggestions??

My husband called a bit ago and woke me up and so I decided to get up blow dry my hair...i've been looking like medusa for 2 days. 
no really. 
I would share a pic but it's so scary:) 
You'll have to find me on instagram if you want to see it;)

Thankful for friends. 
My friend Julie picked up Erika from preschool and took her to her house to play so I can rest without feeling guilty for not being a mom. 
I don't think I've eaten for 2 days..but I have drank A LOT of apple juice:) 
oh...and 2 bowls of cereal...
and not the healthy kind either;)

As the seasons change, so will all this. thankful that all good things always return to us. 
waiting on these things today....