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2012....not what I had hoped for

Wow. Hard not to look at 2012 and see only how BADLY it sucked -Running wise that is.

I had a good 10K race at 40:59 during a 70mile week in Boston training, but that's about it. other than that...I didn't hit any of my goals for this year:(:(:(
I would like to just forget this entire year in regards to my running and start over.

It has crept up on me so slowly that I never even realized it has been EIGHT MONTHS....since I've run a 40 mile week. most of the weeks in the last 8 mos have been 20-30 miles...and  few that were less than 10.
I have lost an incredible amount of fitness and it's hard to think back to what GREAT shape I was in before boston and how I never even got to run. I never got to see what all my hard work could have done. I got so discouraged after 2 stress fractures in 11 mos that I just sort of gave up mentally after that. it's been 8 mos and i'm FINALLY feeling like i'm starting to get my MOJO back!! I never thought it would take THIS LONG to heal from this experience. It was a tough one on me.

On a positive note, I ran my first 13 miler today pacing a friend to her 1:54 half marathon and ran my first 40 mile week since March. It felt good. I feel like i'm READY to get back into racing shape.

I am having some surgery done on Friday and I will have to take 3-4wks off, but after that I plan to ease back into running and get ready to get serious again.

Plans for 2013:

January: Ease back into running , get base up to 35 miles a week

February-April: Train for the Eugene Half Marathon under Coach Nikki Raffie (www.teamathena.org)
GOAL: Sub 1:30:00!!! this is do or die. I WILL hit this goal.  gonna be tough as at this moment I estimate with no endurance the last 8mos I could probably run a 1:40-1:45 and I am taking a month off so I've got A LOT of ground to make up in 3mos from Feb-April, but I can do this.

May-June: MAYBE train and run the Newport Marathon (depending on how training for the half goes)

June-Dec TBD but I am determined to finally hit the goals of -19:30 5K and -40:00 10K

Though, this year has sucked for me, I understand that these things just happen. I'm trying to focus on finding my "zone" mileage wise and what type of training will work for my body. I am trying to remind myself that I have MANY years of running ahead of me still.
I will be 34 on Dec 27th and many women are running super fast who are years older than me...so I think I still got another good 6yrs to train hard and hit my goals:) 1year in the scheme of things is not that significant.

I love this quote....because I have finally after 8 mos found this desire again. 
here's to 2013:)