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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Iphone blogger-Boston goals

Steve got mad at Comcast yesterday and as a result we had to switch to dish network and now have no Internet til thurs so I will keep this short as I am using the limited data on my phone. Doesn't he know this is a great inconvenience?;)

Oh before I forget! I have been meaning to post on here for a while about my FB page. Come "like" my " I dream of running" page. I can't actually copy the link from FB on my phone but come find me:):)

So I completed my 2nd 60 mile week this week. It is very comfortable for me to run 60, I actually feel like I could easily run 70 since it is all easy paced miles IF and only if time was more readily available. As it was I met Stephanie down town on Friday morning at 5:45am to fit in 14 miles. It was the most beautiful run watching the sun rise over mount hood and the pink orange and blue sky reflect off the high rises. Seriously felt so blessed. Blessed to be up and experiencing gods beauty along with a very good friend!

Saturday I had to get up and run at 6am again bc I literally worked for another 10 hourt
day straight doing makeup. My biggest strugggle in Boston training is not going to be completing workouts, but managing my time so I can fit it all in. And sometimes even when I have done all that I can do, the time slot needed to get in a run just doesn't exist. Between kids and work.... It can all get very overwhelming. My goal for this marathon training is keeping a balance and keeping a healthy perspective. It is not ging to go perfectly and sometimes my family will need me more than the pavement does and that's okay. I am not a professional. Yes I am chasing a dream but the dream can wait. My children will only be this age once. Thy will only experience what they will experience this year once. I have years ahead of me to compete and to get that sub 3 hr marathon. I don't want to turn into an obsessive maniac. I want my children to see that I work hard, that I am committed to a goal but I'd they need me, they come first. That can be hard when you are staring at the door and your shoes are on and something tells you from within... The run can wait.
So that is my first goal.
My second goal is to listen to my coach. To hold back from my Over eager nature to run a Few more miles than planned this week it do those intervals at 15 seconds faster pace than us called for. I am always trying to beat myself. To show myself I can do better than what is called for and that is not so healthy. I really would rather show up to Boston 10% undertrained than 10% overtrained. I imagine showing up on race morning with that same buzz in my legs that I felt after my 5k recently:) in a perfect world of course! Ha

So plan is:
Base of 60-65 miles (I think) the next 2weeks and then role right intoararhon training on jan2:). John uses a 3 phase 15wk cycle and I'm meeting wih him Wednesday to learn more about what is in store!! I feel really good about my choice to have John coach me and am really confident that he will get me ready for a fantastic race!!

Well it's bedtime for me. Meeting Stephanie again at 5:45am for a 15 miler:)


  1. Love what you say about being there for your kids first! So important to remember that they will only be young once. You sound like you have such a healthy perspective here girl! So great to read. I'm trying to find that balance or fine line between holding myself back too much and not giving enough and pushing too hard. I think sometimes I am the opposite of you and I don't try to beat myself often enough so if anything, for me, it will come to pushing the envelope just a bit more than usually would as opposed to holding back. I'm good at holding back, as you know from how I end races. :) But no more...I'm going to try to hold back less. We can support each other in these goals. Happy 15 tomorrow. Love ya girl! Sorry I wasn't available to talk much this weekend...let's catch up tomorrow.

  2. I love this post Nicole. I think you have a good perspective on everything right now. I know you will do great on your marathon.


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