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Reflecting on the last 6mos.....My Foundation is STRONG!

Wow...I didn't even realize that it has been 6mos since I started running again after my injury.
It has gone by VERY fast.
I have to admit, that injury was the best thing that happened to me in my running journey this year. It caused me to slow down, reflect and change my perspective.

I hired a new coach since it was a fresh start and I wanted to try something new. This has proven to be a very good decision for me. John is just the kind of coach I need. I see more clearly now that I really needed to take a step back and build a base for myself. a Solid base..and that is JUST what I've done.
I logged into my running ahead account tonight just to get an idea of what I've done the last few months.
and here it is:

basically It was 25wks ago that I did that first post-injury run. It felt wonderful to be out there again, but horrible b/c I realized that the 2.5 mos off was painfully obvious as I had a hard time running 2-3 miles. Those first few weeks were really hard. Mentally I KNEW it would come back, but sometimes I wondered...would I ever get some endurance back? I remember doing a 5 mile run one day and feeling utterly wasted. how was I ever going to run 8 miles or 10 miles again?!
Slowly but surely John encouraged me to increase my mileage...we did it SLOWLY as you can see....and bit by bit I gained back fitness. I havne't done speed or tempos..(well I think I've done 2 tempo runs in the last 4 mos)...but I raced a 5K, a 10K and a half marathon during this time. I came very close to my PR's in all distances which was very encouraging.
in the last 17 wks (18wks by the end of this year) I have ran at least 40 miles a and many of them closer to 50 and now the last few weeks closer to 60. I feel SO strong now. I feel like my foundation has been BUILT!
ANY strong house or structure has a good foundation and I feel like My foundation is STRONG. I can't thank John enough for all his help the last few months. I feel READY to train for Boston and I feel SO confident and calm inside that I will reach my goals there. When I close my eyes in bed at night, I can FEEL the wind on my face and the feeling of elation when I cross that finish line.

I have consistently pounded the pavement the last 6mos like never before and I am PUMPED to get to work!
aaaahhh....such a great feeling! I thought base would get boring but it really has been the best 6mos. I've found new running friends, new running routes and a new desire to go for my goals!  I feel like I've grown so much as a runner and know myself and my body better than ever.

here's to 2012!!!!