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a little scare...and got my schedule!!!!

I might have started off my week a bit too fast......I ran 15 miles on Monday at an 8:00 pace. then 10 miles with a 2mile steady hill at 7:46 pace...by Wednesday I felt a sore muscle in my leg. by thursday it was a bit more intense....and by TODAY....I had to turn around at mile 3.5  and call it a day!(DANG IT!)

I was a bit freaked out....PRAYING it was not anything serious. I got in to see John today and he assured me it was just an overworked muscle. FEW! I could not imagine dealing with another injury a week before starting my training for Boston. He did some Graston and some electrical stim. I will try a few miles tomorrow and see how it feels! He is so good to remind me that a few missed miles here will not effect my race...it's what I do as a whole in the next 3 mos:) so I may or may not hit that 65 miles this week, but I refuse to become a slave to a number. I'm just letting it go and leaving the next 2 days in God's hands:)

On a happier not, today, John gave me my FIRST MONTHS TRAINING SCHEDULE FOR BOSTON!!! I'm so excited! it looks good....VERY managible! I'm excited......this is phase 1...then February we'll move into phase 2:)

I never thought I would do a giveaway BUT I will be doing my FIRST GIVEAWAY soon! so excited. You have to wait to see what the product is, but it's my FAVORITE and you'll want one!!! (for those who know me well, NO SPOILERS!!)