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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Incase anyone is still reading this thing: an update on why I have been MIA...

I am still alive.

Recently, I have just found myself so busy with Life: KIDS, WORK , RUNNING and other stuff that blogging and even reading blogs has got put to the back burner...and as it has, I feel the stress creeping in that I am so far behind I can't catch up...that no one is around to read my blog anymore anyway b/c I havne't been commenting on theirs..why would they comment on mine? this thus leads to me not blogging in the few spare moments I might find. Feeling sort of hopeless to be honest. Feeling guilty that  I haven't kept on blogs of those I care about and just all around discouraged. I try to tell myself that it's okay b/c I have all these very important things like children and work but I still feel horrible.

THEN I came to Canada this week to see my family before Christmas and there is a WHOLE bunch of isssues with Steve's mom. She is only 65 but has a bunch of physical disabilities so she really isn't even capable of taking care of herself anymore and needs to be in an assisted living facility but doesn't want to. we are the only family she has left and we are 7hrs away and can't get away from our businesses often enough.

she can't dress or bath herself etc...she has hoarding issues etc. I spent the entire day moving boxes from her 2nd floor condo to the basement storage b/c the spare room was floor to ceiling JUNK. to say I felt a bit overwhelmed and frustrated that my husband wasn't there to take care of HIS mother is an understatement....well I'm sort of over that part now but whatever.

So now it's on OURs or more likely MY shoulders to start searching out facilities for her to go to....the thought of all the isues that this will bring up is overwhelming. ...

I am trying to manage 2 employees and get 3 more on board for next year. that means booking weddings constantly for next year, holding weekly makeup lessons, answering a MILLION emails from brides, doing up contracts ..OH and I decided to take part in my first bridal show on Jan 19th:( This means I need to get decorations for our "area" ..a HUGE business sign designed and orderd and I really don't have the Money for all this right now.
(thanks for listening to my rambling vent)..I go on.

Children, homework, RUNNING...gosh we havne't even gotten to running YET! lol...
I DID complete my FIRST EVER WEEK of 60 miles last week!! This was a HUGE achievement for me...not b/c I ran 60 miles but b/c I FIT IN 60 miles!~ HA!
It at least gave me hope that SOME HOW I will hopefully be able to fit in my mileage for boston training.

I didnt' get to run today b/c I am in Canada and I was busy helping steve's mom..funny thing is, that was so stressful I could have used the run today more than any other! tomorrow I drive home all day then get home at about 3pm, try to fit in 10 miles , then do a group makeup lesson downtown from 6-10pm.
come home, wake up at 6am to fit in 6 miles, work from 9-3pm with brides, fit in another 6 miles, then do boudoir hair/makeup at a downtown hotel from 6-10pm again. SO...unpacking or cleaning my house probably won't happen til Sunday but by that time, I'm sure all I will want to do is take A GIANT nap! lol

Is this normal? do many of you live like this? LOL...THIS Is my life. Constantly. some times I wish more than anything I could just clone myself...and my best friend moves out of the country in 1 week:(...geesh I sound like a crazy person don't I? it's b/c as I write all this down, the million things I am thinking about, worried about or trying to sort through are running through my head...this is like a BRAIN DUMP right now! ha ha ha

My life is really not bad at all...I am SO blessed, I have all this..BUT it is BUSY. I have spent all year trying to UN-BUSY my life, but I guess this month and next it is going to be a bit nuts and there's just nothing  I can do but pray that I can keep my head about me to get it all done:)

So...THIS Is why I'm not blogging. I'm sorry...and there is probably only a handful of you reading this anyway...but I appreciate those of you who do take time to read my blog. I really do.

OH...and I wanted to say CONGRATS to Raina, Jenn and Amanda for their Brooks Dealios!!! I still don't have all the details but i know it is a sweet deal and I KNOW that they are 3 of the most amazing deserving women I know!! so blessed to know each of them! Love you ladies!!

So, this is my apology. If you haven't heard from me for a while on your blog, I'm so so so so so sorry. I will try to catch up!!


  1. Don't ever feel bad about not updating the blog! We are all here and won't disappear during a little break. We all need time to attend to our lives sometimes...and I can't imagine how you could fit so so many miles in last week, given how crazy busy your life sounds.
    But please, no apology needed for going out and living life :)

  2. Sorry you have been under stress with the MIL. I am blessed to have a very good MIL and FIL. I know one day we will have to take care of them though. Gives me something to think about. You are a good daughter-in-law.

    Amazing to me that you can fit in all that running in such a busy week! Truly. I don't think I'd have this kind of mileage if I weren't a stay-home mom.

    Hope you get a good break here soon with work so you can just run and run without having to hurry back :)

    Thanks for the message :))

  3. LIFE comes first, no need to apologize lady.

  4. I am not a blogger but I read your blog (and I apologize that I don't comment). Please keep writing!!! I love your blog. I came to your blog via SUAR, Amanda and Raina. Amanda and Raina now think they have some crazy stalker person reading their blog as I have commented on both their blogs this week for the first time. Anyway...I love my little collection of blogs (yours included) and would miss you (and them) if you stopped writing however infrequently. I will never be a blogger but enjoy my role as bloggee ...Sorry your life is so crazy, the issues with your mother-in-law sound really stressful.

  5. Full hands are better than empty hands....I've always like that saying to center myself when i'm overwhelmed.

    So sorry to hear about things with your MIL. My mom is in a similar postion with my gradmom (her MIL). It really takes a toll on the caregiver.

    Sixity miles is quite an accomplishment. Isn't thatthe truth...just finding the time to fit it in is the real challenge.

    Best wishies for you business endeavors as well. It all sounds very exciting!

  6. Oh my. I won't complain again! You are one busy lady!! I totally understand here. Don't feel guilty. Priorities!! Blogging should be way down on that list! I understand your feelings though and I totally relate to them. I often feel a little distress when I know I've had trouble keeping in contact with people that I care about. Sometimes it just can't be helped! I don't always have time to comment but I do always read your blog and I love to hear about your running and your life:)

    Super congrats on the 60 miles in the midst of all that!!! Thankyou for the shoutout too!

  7. Don't feel bad. A lot of us are in similar boats (I feel my husband's grandmother needs to go into a home but doesn't want and my father in law won't push the idea), and we have work, kids, activities, etc... Life gets busy and we'll all keep checking your blog and read when you post!

    Good luck on your busy upcoming month.

  8. Ah, hang in there girl! You are a superwoman balancing it all. Breathe and celebrate every accomplishment no matter how small. You are making a difference for your MIL and loved ones around you!


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