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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My gimpy HIP, meeting with the Doc and thoughts on race strategies.....plus a few pics:)

So...I am still thinking over my  half marathon. Honestly, there is NOTHING I would have done differently...MAYBE run that 2nd mile 10 seconds faster but that's about it. It feels good to have a race where I'm really happy with how I ran it....actually this is 2 races now in a row where I have ran negative splits and to be honest, I hope I never run another race any other way!

John...who as I have mentioned is My Doctor and ALSO my new Coach, was really happy with my splits. He made a point of telling me last night on the phone that another reason he wanted me to run that race that way was b/c he wants to start teaching my body NOW, rather than later, to run races that way. That is how he wants me to run Boston. He said every race should be finished that strong. That every world record has been set with negative splits. It really got me excited about teaching my body to run this way, b/c regardless of the time I run in Boston, I want to finish that race STRONG. I want my last mile to be my fastest:)
Here are 2 pics of me during my race this past weekend:

Me at mile 10. took me 8 plus miles to catch those 2 guys behind me:)
At the finish line. I was running 6:20 pace and it HURT! 
as you can see by the very strained look on my face:)

My gimpy foot and hip:

I have been having pain in my foot and calf again. mostly my 3 small toes. It is bc of the way my foot lands...I land on the outsides of my feet...and I am pushing off MORE with my baby toes on my right foot than my big toe like I should be doing. My entire life, my feet have looked like this when I stand...Or run.  both my legs are facing straight forward. if I try to bring that right foot in, my right hip turns way inward and it is very awkward and uncomfortable.

My right foot aims outward. it has been like this for as LONG as I can remember. Its probably a major contributor to my stress fracture and now foot pain. I put alot more stress on this foot and especially on the outside of it:(...so John told me to get Steve to take an Xray of my hip today. we wanted to see if my hip is rotating out b/c of the tightness of my piroformus muscle or if it's an actual bone issue.
WELL....unfortunately the Xrays showed that my hip, femur, whatever actually grew that way.....SO..not much I can do about it. it means I am going to have to be very careful and keep up with chiro and  massage maintenance on my leg, foot so that the extra stress on it doesn't lead to injury.
I am glad I know though. I have always wondered my leg/foot did that. now I know:)

Half marathon during marathon training?

I asked John today If I could race a half marathon during my boston training and go for that -1:30 and he wasn't too excited about the idea. we didn't have much time to talk about it, but he said it strays away from training and takes a fair time to recover...then he said, "whats more important to you, a sub 1:30 half or a 3:05 marathon?"...to which i said "A marathon!"....this was as I was walking out the door...so then I was like 'Wait...did he just say 3:05 Marathon?!!"....this got me thinking...does he ACTUALLY think that that is even a possibility??!!!!....or was he just throwing that number out there?
I am pretty adamant at this point that I will not be announcing ANY Boston goals publicly. I want to ENJOY Boston and will be happy with anything under a 3:30...but I am not gonna lie..this comment got my mind thinking and just got me motivated in general!!

I'm sure if I asked him right now  about it, he would tell me it was just a number he was throwing out there, and that  a 3:20 is a more realistic goal, but still....it's the fact that AGAIN, we all need to remember that
EVERY DAY holds a possibility of a miracle:):) 
Never give up on dreams, BIG DREAMS....cause some day...probably not in 2012, but SOME DAY that 3:05 will be Mine:):)


  1. Biomechanics are tough when it comes to running. I am bowlegged and it makes me very prone to IT Band injury. I am with your coach, if you have big goals for Boston, don't race too close to it. You may hurt yourself.

  2. You will get that 3:05 one day!
    You have everything you need-- motivation, determination and a wonderful work ethic!

  3. It will be yours Nicole! You've got what it takes...you've got a fighter in you like I've never seen and you are determined. I can't wait to see how you will do and truly want the very best for you. Sounds like John is a good fit for you. Sorry I never called today...it is hard to find quiet phone time around here. Computer is different...there can be all kinds of noise in the background and I can still type. :)

  4. Nicole, your posts always get me so pumped for your running, and for mine! Even though you are way faster than I am, I love reading about how excited you get about goals... It reminds me of how far I've come, and how much farther I can go if I just keep pushing myself and keep believing.

    Thanks for being an inspiration! :)

  5. We shall see closer to your race how everything is going, but I don't doubt that you are capable of a 3:05- or sub 3 marathon at some point- Boston is not out of the ballpark!

    Interesting about the foot. My left foot is totally neutral, but my right sounds similar to yours. I hit a little on the outside, but roll in to center & big toe. Maybe I grew weird too :) Lucky on one side, at least!

  6. I tend to push off on the inside of my left foot so it tends to callus and blister there when my mileage starts getting higher. My husband runs like you only worse, he is so bowlegged and he has the worst arches I have ever seen.

    You are an amazing runner. I bet your coach sees the 3:05 in you in 2012.

  7. I was looking at your header pic the other day and how your foot is turned out after you told me that you were getting your foot checked out. So the prognosis is good then?

    Can't believe that your Boston training is almost here, wow!


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