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Low Progesterone too??

2 weeks ago I did an at home saliva test to test my hormones and cortisol levels. I just got the results on friday.
this is a nurse practioner I went to see at Pearl Womens center before I found and settled in with DR. K.
Anyway...she tells me my Progesterone is Low. (REALLY LOW) and my testosterone is moderately high.

So....there IS  a reason for the frigging cold sweats i've been dealing with off and on for 2yrs. Funny, but I had one the night before I got my results. it's been about 5mos since i've had one.
They are not fun. I wake up freezing b/c i'm DRENCHED through my clothes and my sheets and pillow. I have to get up in the middle of the night and change my clothes. lay a towel down in my bed. It's annoying and until now no one could tell me WHY I was having them.

Anyway....she tells me that this is FROM Low progesterone....and so are the anxiety attacks I had all week before my period started....Oh and the dizzy spells i've had all week too..... (boo).

What pissed me off was that 2yrs ago when these started I went to the doctor and told them about this and said that I felt like I had a hormone issue.2 times, 2 diff doctors brushed me off. I couldn't afford to go to an endocrinologist and the symptoms would come and go so I let it be.

Here I am 3 stress fractures later. LOW PG is a high risk cause for stress fractures and bone loss....osteoporosis etc.UGH. I'm just frustrated.
Today is day 3 of my period and I had dizzy spells and headache so bad all day I could hardly get out of bed. All classic signs.

I really don't know anymore if THIS is my problem, or the hashimotos is? I'm just confused. I see Dr. K again tomorrow and I have ALOT of questions for him.
The NP at Pearl womens center called in a RX for a progesterone cream that i'm supposed to start halfway through my cycle  this month so we'll see how that goes.

As much as I am trying to remain positive and push forward beleiving I will come out the other side of this and be able to run again (and most days i'm doing okay in that mindset), I have days where I get SO SCARED....and today was one of those days. it consumes my thoughts.......

I start to ask what if?
What if I can't run again?
what if this goes on for years trying to sort it out?
what if just as I get things sorted out and CAN run again I end up injured again?
what if I NEVER accomplish my goals of that sub 1:30 half marathon or that 3:15 marathon?
and naturally my brain turns to this question "What if Nicole? does that mean you arn't going to TRY? does that mean you are going to just give up and quit?" and my heart always stubbornly responds with a resounding NO!
Because I CAN'T give up. I"m NOT a quitter. I'm a believer! A believer of dreams....my own and everyone elses! I am ALWAYS encouraging others to never give up and keep pushing on.
This can't be the end for me right?
I'm only 35
I'm too young for this.
There are so  many amazing medical professionals out there and I will find them and I will insist they help me and I will FIND a way to make my goals and dreams come true. I have overcome so much in my life and I choose to believe that somehow God will help me overcome this too:)