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I am just posting what I shared on FB today, more to come later:

 I have rec'd so many comments and private messages about this stuff that I am going to be very candid about my experiences and what i'm learning in hopes that it will help someone else. 
As I mentioned I found out friday that I have VERY LOW progesterone. I met with Dr. K this morning to go over this stuff and warned him I was irritated and fiesty. I was MAD. Mad that I went to TWO doctors 2 yrs ago with symptoms: Stress fractures, fatigue, cold night sweats, extreme mood swings and some other stuff. IF they didn't pick up on it themselves, I even suggested that I felt I may have something whacky going on with my HORMONES. Both times I was brushed off. 

Last year with increased symptoms and the hashimotos stuff starting I began to search for a diff doctor who might actually LISTEN to me and the last 6mos has been nothing short of amazing and discouraging as I have discovered so much of the chaos that has been going on in my body. 
There are symptoms that go back to when I was teenager and though we cannot go back in time to know exactly what things really pushed my body over the edge, we do have some ideas. (I'll leave that for a longer blog post later). 

The reason this major hormone imbalance has been so emotional for me to discover is b/c I realize that even though the hashimotos and thyroid are big issues that will need to be managed long term, alot of my most serious symptoms dealing with my mental health are most likely stemmed from THIS. 
The cycle every month of completely irrational thoughts and emotional PAIN made me feel like I thought i was going crazy. I had to fight against myself so hard to feel as normal as I could. Relationships have been effected, with others and with myself. 
Hormones are not something to jack around with people. They will make you feel like you are going CRAZY. YOu've experienced this, you will know what I"m talking about. It's like watching yourself from outside your body and you know what you're saying and feeling and thinking doesn't make sense but you actually FEEL that way in that moment. 

I feel an incredible sense of RELIEF to finally know whats going on and be on a path to fixing it....but I can't HELP but feel a huge concern for those around me and wonder how many others are suffering from hormone imbalance? food allergies, auto immune and thyroid conditions?. ALL which effect our bodys and our BRAINS. 

IF you don't feel like things in your body and brain are in balance or have mental or physical symptoms, go see someone.

I can't even tell you strongly enough the changes I have experienced physically, but most of all MENTALLY since I changed the food on my plate, and discovered what I'm allergic too, as well as take supplements and make lifestyle changes to help with my insulin and cortisol levels....and now to hopefully be able to manage these last bouts of symptoms that come every few weeks that are linked to my progesterone cycle. Left Dr. K's office with some sublingual progesterone. He explained to me that often people this low will notice IMMEDIATELY a response. 
Maybe it's a placebo effect but i have had foggy brain, headache and dizziness since friday. couldn't even get out of bed for the first half of yesterday. I felt like crap when I walked into his office. I took the sublingual progesterone and about 20min later after I left I noticed the fogginess, dizziness and headache was gone. This stuff just might be worth more than gold. 

Anyway, I'm not 100% and I know I will have alot more tweaking to do, but I already feel 85% like a different person than I was a few months ago. 
There is HOPE. The body is extremely complex, so treat it that way. don't take it for granted. 
hopping off my soapbox, but don't worry there will be more to come, this is just the tip of the iceberg;o)

I've had MANY people asking for Dr. K's info so for those who are interested here it is: 

He LISTENS and knows his stuff.