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ADAPT TRAINING and I have DONE IT!.... "Changing the food on my plate" has changed my life....

On a strong PUSH from Dr. K, I met with a physical therapist at  ADAPT TRAINING  today. 

I told her up front that I had been to physical therapy for a few months and had little improvement and that I was very skeptical at this point that anyone could help me. 

I told her my whole story...my very fast move into running, quick build up in mileage and the series of injuries that followed. I Liked that she dug deeper going back to my youth and problems in my back that I've had for a long time that have gone un-addressed. 
she was VERY thorough spending over an hour evaluating my ability to do basic movements and took pictures of my relaxed stance from all sides. 

AT the end she walked me through a series of 15-20 diff exercises that all seem so basic you would laugh. we're talking like lying on the floor knees bent and just lifting one foot off the floor an inch high and lowering. .....but she explained to me how my body is twisted, which I KNEW, but no one else has ever really acknowledged .
Their approach is to address the whole body. 

I have to do these movements every day (about an hour a  day) and then go back next week for a  new series to do the following week. 
She said I can't do any other exercises because I will just be re-enforcing the unbalanced muscles which makes sense. 
I'm sure I"m really butchering what she told me but as mad as i was about no exercising (some walking is okay) I realize she is on to something and if I don't fix the ROOT CAUSE I will keep getting injured. SO, I am committing myself 100% to this process. 

ADAPT has very good results and I've heard nothing but amazing things about them. 
Their approach is very different from traditional PT and though that may work for some, it did't work for me. Clearly addressing the singular area where I have pain was not the solution. She thinks my issues are coming more from my spine and pelvic/hip area. I have to agree.

ON another NOTE....I am feeling very proud of myself. 

I'ts been 3.5 mos since I've gone gluten, sugar, and processed food free, and 3 wks since I went even cleaner than that and cut out: Wheat, Dairy, Soy, Eggs, Sugar, Grains, Corn, Leumes .....
I feel amazing and I realize I have done something I DID NOT THINK I COULD DO!

So here's my confession:

I was so deeply addicted to food.
It was what I looked forward to everyday. When I was down or depressed or discouraged or stressed...I headed for that starbucks hot chocolate with extra whip and chocolate drizzle or that large french fries from mcdonalds...OR that delicious cookie or DOUGHNUT...mmmmmmm all was well in the world IF I could just medicate with FOOD.

Unfortunately I don't think I am alone in this. I would venture to say that many of you reading this are much the same way and those of you who aren't  addicted to sugar and carbs are probably still experiencing negative effects from our food that you aren't even aware of. 

I was never too concerned about my diet because I wasn't fat. And if I wasn't Fat, then it must not be hurting me, right? I knew I was addicted to food and was making poor choices, but the ADDICTION was too strong to just give it up willingly for no good reason.


At first I was SO discouraged when I found out I needed to cut out all these foods if I wanted to feel better.....I didn't think I could do it. I was ANGRY....but I quickly realized that NOT doing it  meant I would continue to feel crappy and be inflamed and NOT heal....and that wasn't a good choice either. 
I DECIDED that if I didn't take the bull by the horns with this, I was going to STARVE to death! I had to eat and I had to be  prepared b/c there are SO few things I can eat now. 

I will tell you what HAS BEEN and CONTINUES TO BE the most shocking about the outcome from my clean eating:  

**** My mental health. My mental state of being is 100% better**** no questions. no gimmicks 

I said to my husband (who is MR. SKEPTICAL about everything) the other day 
"Do I SEEM like a different person to you? because I FEEL like one!" 

He actually responded with "yes" and I smiled. I have noticed him making small changes with his food and I have started to cut a lot of processed food and wheat and sugar out of my kids diet too. I have a knowledge now that makes me responsible and I cannot in good conscience let them eat half the stuff they were eating.

It is NOT easy. It takes dedication and a re-prioritizing your life, but it's do-able. I am doing it. I still can't BELIEVE I'm doing it most days but My mind feels so much better that I am motivated EVERY single day to get up and keep going. I actually want to fill my belly with greens and veggies and organic grass fed beef and free range chicken!!! 

Everyday is one step closer to healing and a happier healthier mind and body

I thank GOD for this disease and trial. I believe HE knew all along that it would take something this drastic to get me on my knees and humble me enough to make the changes I needed to  to live a long and healthy life. I also know he KNEW I would not accept and settle for just taking medication but that I would seek out what I could DO to make my life better. I have HAD to rely on Him more which has increased my spiritual balance in my life. 
I have had to look at how short life is and consider that we never know how much time we have on this earth which has caused me to slow down, cut back on work and spend more time with my kids and husband. 

I know that GOOD things can come from our trials and apparent "bad news". I had a very bad attitude and negative perspective at first and then I quickly realized that it felt HORRIBLE to think and feel that everyday so I had to CHOOSE to find the positives and let this disease change me for the better. 

I am so thankful that God knows me so well and I hope that my experience will help others. 
Off to prepare some DELICIOUS  GRASS FED RIB EYE STEAKS!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!! is that weird? lol

peace out friends!