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Sunday, June 17, 2012

15 miles.....It's time to get serious....

It doesn't sound like much when you break it up over 5 days does it?:):) but I enjoyed every single MILE!

This week was my first week back where I was allowed to run 3 miles a day. I ran mon-friday and even ran my first 4 mile run:)

This week coming up I will mix it up between 3 and 4 mile runs and still do my spinning and lifting.

This 9wks off and the last 3-4 of cross training have given me LOTS of time to reflect.
I have reflected on my love for running and why I do it.
I have realized that i will be competitive at ANY sport you throw me into, not just running.
I have learned that I need MORE than JUST running to be healthy and avoid further injury in the future. I am getting SERIOUS about eating better and cross training so my body can be STRONG.
I have been surprised to learn that I don't think I could ever go back to JUST running. I LOVE what cross training does for my mind and body and I LOVE the variety!

I have thought and thought and thought.......

And now it's here. I am allowed to run again....and you know what? I don't have a stinkin' clue what i'm going to do this summer or where my body will take me...and I'M OKAY WITH IT.

I have some general goals like:
-Get ready for the Hood to Coast relay I'm doing with my friends and husband,
-Continue to pursue weight  lifting to gain more strength
-to change my eating habits and take my recent test of 22% body fat down to about 18%. I want to be LEAN.

Other than that I am just going to ENJOY it and have FUN!

Some days I get discouraged thinking about all the fitness, SPEED, and endurance I have lost and how far I have to go..... but I try to just push those thoughts out of the way and tell myself that the time it will take to build that back up will pass quickly.

I have made the decision to Join Team Athena:) I am meeting with Head Coach, Nikki Raffie, next weekend to discuss the whole thing, as she will be my new coach.
This will be my 3rd coach in 2yrs. I loved John's coaching but he is just too busy with a new baby and his clinic responsibilities..it was the best decision for me to find a team where I can get and offer support to other female runners. I am excited to see how this will help me grow.

For the THIRD year in a row, I won't be able to run the one race I've been dreaming of (for 3yrs)....
The Sauvie Island half marathon:(.....but I am going to go to support friends and run the 5K they are offering this year.
I am sure I will be slow as a Mo-Fo but that's okay!!! i'm actually a little scared but it give me something to look forward to over the next 2wks:)

To finish this post I want to share an experience I had today.

I had someone ask me if I run b/c I am unhappy  and am running away from problems in my life?

I found this interesting....and responded with:

' No. Not at all. I LOVE to run. I run b/c it makes me HAPPY, it FEEDS my competitive spirit. It clears my mind and helps me get ready for the day. I am a better MOTHER, better WIFE and happier woman BECAUSE I run. It is my PASSION". 

and that pretty much sums it up. I can't WAIT to get up tomorrow morning and hit the pavement, thanking GOD for every single STEP!


  1. I bet you won't be that slow...
    Glad you are running again!!!!!

  2. Yayy! SO glad that you've been able to start running again!

    I love that you're joining that team, I have a feeling that your new coach is going to be a great fit.

    That's horrible that someone would ask if you run because you're unhappy...that person is very ignorant!

  3. You're back!!!!!! So excited for you and your new team!

  4. The title of this posting threw me off for a second! I thought maybe you ran 15 in one go! You'll be back stronger then ever in no time! And that cross training you're doing now is what will keep you health and strong for the long hull. Love you girl!

  5. After I took a chunk of time off in the spring and was feeling like you are about how tough it's going to be to get speed and endurance back, I have soon realized what a blessing in disguise those shin splints were and the time off was. I learned so much about myself and what's important and doing other things that balance out the running. And I know all of those things will only make me a stronger runner, and same for you! Lots of exciting things going on for you, glad you are getting back into running!!

  6. Ha! I thought you ran a 15 miler as well! I am glad you are back to running these days- even if the mileage is less than what you are used to. I am SO ready to be back to a running routine.... Excited for you and your new coach/ team. Looking forward to hearing more about this!

  7. Great news! I love running, but also love my cross training and weights too! I would love to be your "slow". lol!

  8. Happy I found your blog! You are my idol. You did my makeup for Bunn's boudior when I was super pregnant in Nov and I have since started running in Jan. I got on a H2C team and am excited but nervous as I haven't run longer than 5 miles. I am building up my distance before then :)

    I want to be just like you when I grow up, a strong beautiful awesome runner!


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