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Releasing Fat...

This post is Part 2 to my post below on the 5 Day Reset.

If you are planning to do the RESET or are interested in changing your eating habits, permanently, A book I HIGHLY recommend is "Releasing Fat" by Dr. Ray Strand

This book talks about the Epidemic that North America faces....

At the end of this book he provides a very HANDY chart with foods categorized into:
Most Desirable Carbohydrates,
Moderately Desirable Carbohydrates &
Least Desirable Carbohydrates

Most Desirable Proteins
Moderately Desirable Proteins &
Least Desirable Proteins

Most Desirable Fats
Moderately Desirable Fats &
Least Desirable Fats

As well he outlines a 4week eating plan WITH recipes that are all low glycemic to  help you ease into eating "LOW-GLYCEMIC".
( I am going to scan these pages so I can email them to anyone doing the reset who just wants to see this part of it)

 It's really not hard. You need to switch out a few foods.....but it's NOT a FAD DIET!!!
FAD DIETS are diets that no one can maintain LONG-TERM.
Low Glycemic eating is just making some moderations and I know LOTS of people who eat low glycemic all the time:)

Here are a few good links on eating Low Glycemic: