About me

Poetic or pathetic?....8wks later....random thoughts b/c I'm too lazy to write....

yes I'm alive.
 no excuses just in a blogging funk.
Here's a brief update in point form......

YES,  I am running. 
I am only allowed to run 1 mile every OTHER day though for the next few weeks...maybe moving up to 2 or 3 miles:( 
Basically It's not enough to do ANYTHING for my running so it feels like it will be more like 12wks off before I can really run again. 
This makes me grumpy...and yet Grateful.

I am still spinning and lifting. Love it. 
Today I did the hardest 20 miles ever and almost puked:) 
I have gained 5 lbs. No joke. It better be MUSCLE.
I am re-evaluating everything fitness and where I go from here. 
I hurt my knee the other day, not sure how... (lame!)

I am feeling grateful for friends.
I am feeling grateful for my body, even if it's falling apart. 
I have NO idea what the rest of this year looks like for me running wise. 
I'm debating joining Team Athenahttp://www.teamathena.org/v2/
LOTS to think about.

I am at a funny place in life right now.
I find myself in prayer often the last few days.
I feel like I am on a path to self discovery, and it's a good thing.

That's about the jist of my life right now. not very exciting. 
thankful this 8wks is OVER :o)

some pictures of life lately:

My first REAL experience in the sauna with Sara. I don't Get saunas. 
I had a swimming pool of sweat in my belly button and felt like my face was melting. 

Doing Box jumps for the first time. I look fat here...maybe it's NOT muscle:o/ ??
Where's my waist? ugh.

 our pool opened....here's my very Tanned little girl. 
this is her "Winter" color..wait til you see her 2 mos from now.
 This ones got my coloring:)

 Megan jumping her little brains out!
Erika swimming:) the one thing about being stuck in an apartment all these years is that both of my girls were swimming by THEMSELVES at 3.5yrs old. I LOVE IT! 
Erika is currently 4.5 and is jumping in the deep end and swimming like a champ!

And last but not least...my beautiful studio coming along....still need to put up the white sheers behind these curtains and put in another chair and some shelves:)