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Friday, March 23, 2012

The workout I've been WAITING for!....20 x 200m's.......

I just had to do a quick post b/c I feel so good  (AND TIRED) about my workout today!

The workout was 20 x 200m repeats with 200m jog recoveries.

This is THE Workout that I have been waiting for. Mostly bc John told me months ago during one of our discussions about marathon training that this was one of  his FAVORITE 5K workouts for marathon training. When it comes to speed work, the shorter the sprint, the better for me. I LOVE speed. I love quick turn over. I've had people stop me on the track before and tell me I run like a gazelle lol. I do have a long stride when I sprint and it just feels SO darn good....I can't describe it, but it's a feeling I LOVE....and crave.

 I did the 16 x 200m workout 2wks ago and was tired by the end, so I wondered how this would go today.
when I woke up, it was foggy and  freezing! I decided to  post pone the workout til the afternoon when it was supposed to be 50 and sunny:) SO glad i did!!
I headed the NIKE EMPLOYEE store where I collected a nice little loot of summer running clothes along with a new pair of running sun glasses:)

I know, I totally look like Desi's twin don't I?;) don't be a hater. 

I have never ran in sunglasses but I started thinking that if it IS hot and sunny in Boston, I dont' want to wear a  hat...they make me hotter....so I bought these babies! and in the hot sun today and dripping sweat, they didn't budge! I'm thinking it was the purchase of the day for sure.

So, I put these suckers on and headed out and did a 2mile warm up, some drills and landed on the bouncy red track!!

here's how the repeats went: 

01. 0:38
02. 0:41
03. 0:41
04. 0:40
05. 0:41
06. 0:40
07. 0:39
08. 0:40
09. 0:39
10. 0:40
11. 0:41
12. 0:41
13. 0:41
14. 0:38
15. 0:40
16. 0:38
17. 0:36*
18. 0:36*
19. 0:36*
20. 0:38

My garmin says these were all between 4:30 and 5:30 pace:)
I still can't believe that I ran those last 5 that fast....I was NOT planning or expecting that....I seriously had an adrenaline rush for those 3 36's.......maybe it was the screaming high school kids cheering for me?....MILDLY EMBARASSING!

This workout was a Huge confidence booster for me. I felt strong and fast. 
After getting and absolutely wonderful, uplifting email from jenn after my  last post...I no longer feel scared or doubtful about Boston...
as she said:
"OK-first off scrap looking at Boston as a challenging course and start viewing it as a chance for you to FLY!!!"

And I feel like that's how I've been looking at it the last few days. I'm READY. I'm STRONG. I'm DETERMINED. I'm  COURAGEOUS. I BELIEVE in myself. I am FAST.....AND. I. AM. PREPARED. 

Thank you JENN!! That email really impacted me in a VERY POSITIVE way! xx

I taped up the Mcmillan Calculators prediction times for me based on my current 10K time to my mirror. 
It gives me a predicted marathon time of 3:12:20. I'm not saying I am going to run that but I circled it and wrote "Believe!" beside it:) It's kinda strange b/c before I even started training,I had the number 3:12 stuck in my head whenever John would ask me what I would LIKE to run at Boston:D

I also taped up Jenn's inspiring, motivating email beside my bed!
NO MORE negative voices.......only happy, positive ones:)

Anyway....I am feeling happy and BLESSED!
I have found great companionship in wonderful beautiful women around me....and some WONDERFUL running partners....speaking of which, I HAD to share this adorable picture of Amanda! This is from the race photos last week.....when they asked Amanda who she wanted to dedicate her win to, she pointed to me:) it was REALLY cute and sweet! I think she just said that b/c I was the sorry butt out there with her in the freezing cold! ha ha...
 I think they caught her cute spunky personality just PERFECTLY in this pic below! when I think of Amanda...this would be the visual I get in my head. This girl is SO easy to Love! 

And then there's me....i was laughing and making a joke b/c when they asked me I was like "well..if  I don't dedicate it to Amanda I look like  a bad friend don't I? Lol..and if I DO, I just look like I'm copying her! " ha ha... lose-lose situation for me! 
it was all in good fun:)

Well, I have to get up for a wedding at 6am tomorrow...so off to bed...these legs are sleepy after all those 200's:):) 
peace out friends!
Run hard tomorrow. Make it count!


  1. Love the glasses, love the pics, love that you are feeling confident and strong :). I believe too!!! Love ya!

    1. lets ROCK our next run together in our matching running shades no?

  2. Holy batman! Those are some fast 200s on marathon legs! People better get out of your way coz when you start your kick, you'll plow right through them! Seriously, truly impressive, and you probably would PR at all distances right now.

    It is going to be so much fun to watch you and Amanda race Boston this year! It will be such an amazing race for both! And yes, I like what Jenn said, think of yourself as flying on the Boston course because you will!

    1. Thanks AM! that means a lot coming from Miss speedy herself!;)

      thanks for all your support! you all mean so much to me! will I get to meet you in Boston?:)

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So amazing and exciting and amazing! The glasses look great on you and I love hearing you so happy. Its almost time to shine my friend and you will so brightly!

    1. thanks Michelle!!! I HOPE so! I really do! I will be thinking of you and your virtual cheerleading! xxx

  4. Love those new glasses! And what an amazing workout, you Rocked it!! Way to go! What a confidence boost, so speedy!

  5. Oh Nicole, I love it when you show your true colors! :)

    I agree with AM on this one. You are ready for any distance, Nicole! So much speed in those legs!! Did you do track in high school? If not, the track team missed out.

    Yes, you are ready for this race. SO ready. And it's taper time. Perfect!! I love those Jenn emails. They are very inspiring. She always knows just what to say :)

    1. thanks Raina! not sure what my true colors are here? lol...is it the over excitement about speed work? ha ha

      I only ran track in 8th and 9th grade and then dropped out b/c I was so insecure about the popular girls. I was a nerd.
      I regret it. deeply.

    2. I regret not doing track in high school some times too..But it's all for a reason. Besides, you are faster now than you would be at 17 right?? :) YES-- is the only answer there is.

      Your true colors - that had to do with the funny photo series and the sunglasses pic and the comments that were on the FB version of the photos. haha. Those crack me up.

  6. My jaw dropped when I saw these on FB! I am wondering if I could ever run a single 200 meter RACE in 36 seconds-ha ha! No-actually I'm not wondering-I just couldn't!! Amanda has said you have beautiful form. Super job and just such a crucial point in training to be having such confidence building workouts!! So awesome Nicole!!

    I am thrilled to see your positive outlook right now. If you think a couple of high school kids cheering you on were motivating, just wait until you get on that Boston course. I bet you run a final 36 second 200 meters of that race!! Yes, you are prepared! Rooting for you in a BIG way!! GO GRAB IT GIRL!! It's yours.

    1. ha! wouldn't that be sweet if i COULD run a 36sec 200 at the end of boston? ha ha...I doubt it, but i'll try to put a little sprint in JUST for you!;)
      and p.s maybe you don't think you could run a fast 200 but I couldnt' run the MILEAGE you do! so there! ha!

  7. Nicole, you are a force to be reckoned with baby! And I meant what I said last night...perfectly capable of a sub 3 hour marathon but I think your true talent lies in mid distance. Girl, you've got some SPEED! Put you on a track for a 1500 or 1600 or even the 10k and watch out!!! Or like I've always said...the 800meter is a race I think you were born to run. And I'd want you on my 4x400 meter relay if you and I were in college together. No doubts you'd be a sub 60 second 400m. NODOUBT! My fastest was 63 seconds in the 400 and I was the slowest on my relay with all my friends running 58 seconds and under. Love these pictures and the story they tell. :) Love you!

  8. Thanks Mandy!;) funny thing is, i Hate the 800! ha ha...but I love the 400 relay:) are we gonna do that 400 relay in august this year?? lets do it!!!

    I Also LOVE the story the pictures tell! so cute!

  9. Wowsers! 20x200's?!! Don't you just love nailing hard workouts like that?! You have the talent and ability. Believing you can do it is the final piece. When you get to that last 10K you can push through the pain because you believe in yourself. 3 more weeks!! Boston is all yours!

  10. First of all Desi, I mean Nicole, I love the sunglasses. They are very cute! I really need to get a pair before Eugene. I am thinking I might do some shopping on Amazon later tonight...

    Secondly, I can't believe you were so freaking excited to run 200 repeats. Are you for real?! Haha. That would be the workout I would be absolutely dreading. I have 200s every other week, but the most I have done is 12. They hurt so bad. I hate them. Glad that someone appreciates them more than me. :-)


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