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Week 10 Boston training Recap:

I am SO sorry I have not been commenting...I've been trying to read snipits here and there and even resorted to asking Amanda and Stephanie on runs what is going on on all your blogs!!
Last week I had  a bridal show, worked every night and had to do a project for Womens conference at church...oh and fit in all my runs. sigh...I'm afraid It might be a few more weeks before I get caught up on everything. forgive me.

My project for womens' conference, though overwhelming at the time, was a great project and i'm glad I got to do it!
In our church we have a document called "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" and I was asked to use Photos of my family and put them to the words of the Proclamation. I decided to make it like a scrap book and plan to laminate and bind all the pages together this week so the girls have it as abook to look at and read  at church:)
here are pictures of the pages...it is quite a treasure for me to have now that it's done:)

(click on photos to enlarge and see writing)

Some other fun stuff.....My friend Joy was going to the Ballet with her husband this past weekend so she asked if I would do her hair/makeup...it was fun! I snapped a before/after on my phone and took some pics of her hair! I love messy loose up-do's:)

 Okay back to running stuff:

So...after my 10K last saturday, I ran an easy 7 miles with Amanda on Sunday morning...she slept over Saturday night and it was SO much fun!!
 we had a great dinner and then fell asleep laughing our butts off...I can't even remember at what....oh wait...I think I was trying to role play a converstion with Amanda and it just turned into a barrel of laughs. I love that girl. Little Miss Runninghood is a fun slumber party partner;)

I finished week 9 with 75 miles!!!! I was pretty excited. I am feeling REALLY good and body is adjusting nicely to the higher mileage and workouts.

Onto Week 10: 
Monday- 15 miles  (8:22 pace) with Steph. legs were tired from the 10K day saturday still.

Tueday: 9.5 mile double day for recovery

Wednesday: 12 miles total: 10 x 800m. I hate 800's and was nervous about doing 10, but it was a BEAUTIFUL day which made it much easier. I was given explicit instructions to run between 3:12-3:15.
here's how it went: 3:16, 3:16, 3:10, 3;12, 3:10, 3:11, 3;14, 3:13, 3;12, 3:08
felt great and realized I don't hate 800's when i'm running them at a moderate pace:)

Thursday: 13.5 miles (10.3miles -8:26 pace-with steph in the morning and 3.2 in the evening)

Friday:  16 x 200m (7miles total). I was supposed to do these at 42-45, but it was just too slow for my body and my natural stride. Most of them were 40's but I fought to slow down, which was incredibly hard and get in a few 41's and 2 42's. luckily John wasn't mad at me:)

Saturday: Rest (b/c I had to do 22 the next day)

Sunday: 22 miles (8:06pace). last mile at 6:50. Felt pretty amazing to finish so strong after 22 miles.

Total for week 10: 79 miles!!!!!!

Great run with Amanda. I would normally have done that 22 today but my kids are sick and I would have had no one to watch them today so that's why I did it yesterday. it was so nice to run with a great friend for 3hrs. I felt very blessed. we talked about running, about Boston and about parenting.

I can't believe I only have 2 long runs left ....an 18 and another 22 and then the Taper begins!! CRAZY!!

this week I have  mile repeats and then a 5K race on Saturday! plan to break 20. so we'll see!
I also have to get my taxes ready, do 2 trial runs for brides and a wedding after my 5K on saturday...No rest for the weary!

I am looking SO forward to 5 days alone in Boston with no kids! going to be a very nice VACATION!!! WOOHOOO!!

hope you are all doing well.
is anyone going to plan a blogger meet up lunch in Boston? I am not the planning type:)