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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

already Week 12....Will Boston Kick MY butt too?? Normal Nervousness or just Naive?

I know I probably don't have any friends left on here b/c I am so lame these days...I did just try to catch up on some blogs and post some comments....my poor hubby is gone to Canada again to work on his mom's estate. poor guy is so tired and so stressed out.......but this is pretty much the only time I get to catch up on blogs so here it goes!....

I recovered from those stupid stones....I call them stupid b/c that's what I think of them! I hope they know they are NOT welcome around here for at least another 4-5wks.
I went to bed at midnight on saturday after my last post....Steve brought me home some anti-nausea medicine and he had to wake me up at 4pm the NEXT DAY!
16hrs straight? is that normal? I missed an entire day....An ENTIRE DAY! I can't imagine what it's like for people who go into a coma and then wake up weeks or months later? strange.

Luckily, they did not knock me down as hard this time b/c I had the oxycodone ready and wasn't pumped full of morophine so Monday morning I headed out for my 16 mile progression run with Steph...

it ended up being more like a tempo run...we got to talking about how we used to do our long runs with more marathon paced miles and now we do them slow and I think it got us a bit revved up...
here's how it went: we didn't PLAN on running it this way....the quicker miles just sort of happened and didn't really effect me til the last 2 or 3 of them...

Mile 1: 8:22
mile 2: 8:19
mile 3: 8:00
mile 4: 8:18
mile 5: 8:22
I forgot to start  my watch here after a quick porta pottie break but steph caught miles 6 and 7..
mile 6: 7:40 * approx..somewhere between 7:30 and 7:45
mile 7: 7:40 * approx..somewhere between 7:30 and 7:45
mile 8: 7:36
mile 9: 7:24
mile 10: 7:41
mile 11: 7:35
mile 12: 7:59 (took a recovery mile)
mile 13: 7:48
mile 14: 7:45
mile 15: 7:18
mile 16: 6:35* I don't know where this energy comes from on some of my long runs but I love it when it does!

so I had 10 good tempo miles in there and it felt FANTASTIC!!
One thing i have noticed about this marathon training is that I havne't had any workouts that have left Me sore.
I have felt "tired" but not any soreness...it's wonderful!
Same for this run...didn't have any soreness, got up and ran 10 miles the next morning and felt great.

Today I had to work out of town at 7am so I was up at 5...this lead to a nap afterwork and then my
10 x 800m workout on the TM...I don't normally do workouts on the TM but I am just getting sick of the rain and decided to screw the idea of 10 miles in the pissing rain on the track.

I did my repeats at:
This was WAY harder for me on the TM....I have said before...I can't run fast on the TM...and Im in the last week of my cycle when I always feel lethargic so I was just glad I DID IT...I didn't honestly care what my times were.....

Tomorrow is easy/recovery day and then Friday is 20 x 200m!!! I can't wait for that one!!


Okay...so not everything is all rainbows in sunshine over here....I'm gonna tell you  a secret......I normally pride myself on being pretty strong and tough mentally. I believe in myself and I usually set realistic goals for my races that I almost always hit. I am good at guaging from my workouts what I think I am capable of when I combine it with a taper and race day Magic*:).....

Until this past week,I have felt confident about my marathon plan. I don't have a DEFINITE plan yet but John and I have thrown around the idea of 7:20ish for my MP.

Here's my dealio:
If I was running Eugene (which was plan B if I didn't select Boston), I would feel confident in saying that I think 100% I could run a 3:15 there....I really think I could do that...
BUT...yes here comes the BIG BUTT.......
I am feeling extremely inadequate about Boston!! I don't have many if any hills to run on my side of town, and even the wimpiest hills will take it out of me....
I have read some cool stuff lately about strategy on the Boston course that I plan to MEMORIZE and follow to a T as to not shoot my self in the foot and burn out the last 6 miles but STILL, I am feeling like
"What the crap am I thinking? I can't run 7:20-7:30 pace on the BOSTON COURSE! are you nuts?"
I have heard from so many people that Boston kicked their butt, but I also know that I have heard from many good resources HOW boston will kick your butt and how to avoid it...so maybe I will get lucky? or is that being Naive? what makes me any better than all of you who struggled with Boston? I have all kinds of voices in my head telling me I'm just not good enough for what I want to try for....

What would you do? do I adjust my plan and lower my goals or tell this ugly voice in my head to take a hike and press on believing that I will be capable of more than I think i am right now?.....

p.s I am not going into race day "just seeing how it feels" ...cause if I do that I will stay "comfortable' the whole time...I am the type of person that NEEDS  a goal to motivate myself.


  1. We have talked about this a lot so you already know that I think you need to tell the ugly voice to take a hike. It is totally normal to start doubting when the marathon gets close. Do NOT lower your goals!!!!!!!! You have got this, you are strong!! I believe :)

  2. Your coach has run Boston, no? He says 7:20 and he has written and followed your training, no? You trust him, no? Take a hike ugly voice. No room for you right now. Sent you an email:):)

    1. best email ever. I'm back in the game!

  3. I haven't run Boston before, but a lot of people also say that the hills aren't as bad as they are made out to be. Do you follow Skinny Runner? Went she ran Boston she said the hills aren't awful and Heartbreak Hill, in particular, is overhyped. If I were you I would go into this race with full belief in yourself and your ability to run an awesome race. Running is such a mental sport and if you go in thinking 'I can't' you will start to believe it. Back yourself!!

  4. Nicole, your recent times have shown that you are capable of a TON! I would set the bar high girls. And these 800's are great..perfect for where you want to be....doing 800's at this pace and this many of them...this and your 10k time and your performance with long runs...I'd say John is right about the 7:20. You've got it in you no doubt. But I also hear you on not wanting to go out too fast and then kill yourself. So, go out conservatively like you usually do and then play it by how you are feeling. You've proven again and again that your wheels come out at the end...you're always so fast at the end so just be yourself as a runner when you get to Boston! Keep up the good work girl! So excited to be a part of it with you.

  5. thank you Ladies!! Jenn shared some very insightful insight about the course and I AM gonna tell this voice to take a hike! I HAVE TO believe in myself!

  6. great comments above. I heard a great mantra for running up Heartbreak Hill...."sorry you are going to be someone's else's heartbreak". I have never run Boston, heading there for the first time myself on APril 16th but my theory is that it isn't that bad of a course IF you have a plan AND you stick to it. Its the downfall of many a marathoner to go out too fast and the Boston course can make that a really easy thing to do..but if you have your pace planned out for each mile and you really stick to it YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT...GO FOR IT..My goal is to finish feeling strong and to feel that I gave it everything!

  7. Hmmm. I think you need to go for your goal and tell those doubts to take a hike. Or just not listen to them. I believe you can do this. No marathon is easy, but you trained for this and you can do it. The world record was set in Boston, so people can and do run fast there. And so will you.

  8. Tell those doubts to just go away! You are trained to run this and I know you can do it. Last year records and VERY fast times were set in Boston, so people can and do run very fast there. And so can you.

  9. I'm still wondering how to run Boston myself! After running some of my only hills ever (except two other hilly races, one in 2011 and one in 2010), I feel a little better about managing. But I am still sore from Sunday in some weird places (high hip, front of calf). I want to break 3:05 and that is the plan, but I will modify it based on how I feel getting back out there to run. I might have burned out a little too soon here!

  10. Ouch, ouch you poor girl. I'm sorry to hear you have more stones. You've been doing some incredible workouts in spite of them. Can't believe you even made it to a wedding this past weekend.

    Meh, don't let the hills psych you out. I never ran hills until I moved to Atlanta, and I didn't get what the big deal was about the Boston hills. You'll be so wrapped up in the energy and pagentry going on around you, you won;t notice. Seriously, I didn't even know I was almost up Heartbreak Hill the first time I ran it until I saw spectators holdng up signs. It's not that bad!

  11. I'm thinking very seriously you should mimick and train some hills on the tready that are similiar to your Boston Course. I just looked at the elevation and if It was me- I'd take Miles 16-22 and practice that at least once or twice in place of hill repeats to which you have been doing. Going to take some time to plan it out for your treadmill but I'm confident that if you can do that and feel it out- then you will find more mental comfort. You are nervous because of the unknown. So let's eliminate that fear by at least living through it a little bit!
    So get on there, Push some Hills to mimick race and Crush It- Cause You Can!!

  12. You are so capable of running under a 3:15 in Boston. You have put in the work, you have excelled in your workouts and you have ran some AWESOME PRs on 70 mile training weeks. You are strong! Don't let Boston freak you out. Do not adjust your plans your lower your goals. You are very talented and I, along with tons of other women, believe in you.

  13. Don't adjust your goal woman! You have worked your tushie off for this, and you are capable of hitting that 3:15. Sure Boston will kick your a$$, but any marathon will because it's not normal to run for 26 miles! Believe in yourself, trust your training, and run your heart out when you get there. Honestly you may not even notice the hills, the course is super crowded and the support from the crowd is INSANE! I think that it semi distracts from the challenge.

    You will never know the outcome until you try, so be bold and keep following your dreams!

  14. Look how speedy you are! Seriously, check out that 16 miler and those 800 splits. That's confidence boosting right there!


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