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Friday, March 9, 2012

Champoeg 10K RACE RECAP

I am cheating. I have had a very busy crazy week. no time to write, no time to read:(
I'm SORRY:(:(

I wrote a race recap of my race for the Oregon Live Blog as part of the Oregonian Online so you can read my quick recap here!!!

be back next week hopefully!!!

off to run 16 x 200's this morning!!:)


  1. You are famous, guest community blogger. Loved it!

    Good luck with your workout. I had 200s also today. Double, triple yuck! 4(2x200, 1X400)....I was thrilled to be done with that yuckiness. :-)

  2. 16???!!!!! You are hard freaking core!!

  3. 16 200's?!!! WOO HOO!! I can't even think that fast right now!


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