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Sunday, November 20, 2011

STILL sick, family visits and 5k race preview......

You know when you are SO far behind, you just feel like you'll never catch up? well that is how I feel about blogging right now. I have caught little snipits of you guys but I just havne't been able to follow everyone lately. Sometimes, our lives are so busy we have to do the Essential things:(...in any case I am hoping to get caught up on Some blogs tonight!

So.....where have I been? well...i'm going on my 3rd week now with this damn cold and let me tell you, I'm so over it!.....have you had it? if you have, you know what I'm talking about...mucus and snot that seems like it will NEVER go away!

I have been overdosing on every single vitamin and herbal remedy you can think of daily for 2.5wks. I'm better than I was the first week but it's still hangin on!

It has been 7wks since I had my first 50 mile week and since then I have sat between 40 and 48 miles ....it was just bugging me, so this past week I added a few extra miles on saturday and hit 51 miles. My plan to get up to 60 before training is looking out of reach. I was just hoping to get my body used to a little bit more mileage but it's fine.

So Thursday is the TURKEYTHON:) I'm excited to run a 5K...it's been about 10 mos since I've run one. Goal?? well....just run my butt off and hope to not make an ass of myself! I have done ZERO 5K paced miles in the last 6 mos so I'm sort of feeling like this is ridiculous....and along with this cold, I really have no idea how I will perform, but I'm quite looking forward to the feeling of Cold Seering lungs and that I am going to throw up feeling only a 5K can bring:)

is that weird? I LOVE that feeling...well....it's a love/hate relationship:)

so...we'll see how it goes:)

Saturday Amanda called me up and we met up on the waterfront and I ran 11 miles and she ran 14. it was a BEAUTIFUL day and we talked about how blessed we were to have legs to run on such a wonderful day and how we would much rather spend our saturday running and sweating on a cold sunny fall day than shopping at Nordstroms or something of the like:)

I am grateful for A LOT Of things this week, and one of them is like-minded friends:)

Amanda and I on the sellwood bridge...about Mile 4.5:)

My mom and Sister and her oldest daughter came to visit me last week...it was SO nice to see my family. I miss them dearly. They are still up in Canada where I'm from:)

My neice, Madison, and my Megan are only 7mos apart. they ADORE eachother and are very similar personalities to me and my sister when we were little. we really get a kick out of seeing them play together!!

Maddy, Meg and Erika. My mom bought Erika that bunny hat. she slept in it for 4 days! lol

Little cuties in their matching jackets. my dad bought them both those little

stuffed cats about 4yrs ago and they still play with them every time they see each other:)

At California Pizza Kitchen

With My big Sister. She is 2.5yrs older than me. we are COMPLETE opposites in every way....
she is super shy and quiet...like I said...opposite of me:) I love her to death!

Me and my beautiful Mom! we are EXACTLY alike lol.....

I am so thankful for my FAMILY!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. I hate colds that hang on forever and you feel like you are never going to get rid of them. All that snot..where does it come from so gross.

    Good luck on your 5k, sounds like you have been getting in some good mileage despite the nasty cold!

    I am lucky to have on sister that lives close but the other lives half way around the world. Sisters are the best. Love the pictures of the girls, so cute together in their matching coats :)

  2. I hope you are feeling much better soon!! Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. It was so wonderful running with you Nicole. So thankful for like-minded and compatible running partners...you! Hope you kick this cold soon! I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. I thought about going to run for a second when you said it was free but that didn't last long. :) I'm too chicken. But excited to hear about how you do. I love seeing these pictures again on here...your visit with your mom and sister sounds like it was so much fun. So special. Off to play with these kids. Just wanted to pop on here really quick to see if I've missed anything. Love you friend. You're going to do awesome with your Boston Training no matter what. I liked hearing your thoughts yesterday about just enjoying it seeing what happens. Talk to you soon. xo

  4. feel better soon!
    happy thanksgiving week!
    love the pic of you and Amanda!

  5. lady i feel like i haven't been in touch with you in ages!!!! i'm sorry that you've had what seems like the worst cold ever, eww mucus for 3 weeks does not sound like fun.

    so excited that you are doing a 5k on thursday! you are going to fly like the wind little lady, and i'm sending you speedy wishes!


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