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Monday, November 7, 2011

New things....training things! and a few tidbits....

I have a cold. blah. My nose is dripping as I type this but I'm too lazy to get up...so wipe it on the sleeve. nice.
Got my schedule from Coach John today.....hence the title NEW THINGS;...
we are still just in base building mode but he does want me to start doing some light interval training...sort of like a warm up before marathon training begins...
anyway ...some of this is new to me...check this out:

Wed: speed: 2 miles warm up, 4 miles of 1 min hard, with 2 min easy/ recovery. Then 2 mile cool down.
**Never done this before....seems interesting...and scary lol. 4 miles seems like A LOT of 1 Minute intervals:):) I will have to ask him what exactly "hard" effort should be.

Sat: 8-10 miles with 2 warm up, 4-6 miles at tempo (7:30 pace), 2 mile cool down. The 4-6 miles will depend on how you're feeling and how much time u have.
**REALLY looking forward to this run.....I never did much tempo or fartleks in my last training and I really enjoy them:)

I am getting excited about Boston Training...excited about trying NEW THINGS for training!
I spoke to Amanda Briefly this morning and expressed my anxiety to her about training with a few of you fellow bloggers for the same race.Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about it too...but I know it will be impossible NOT to compare training and I don't WANT to be feeling bad b/c I'm only running 60 miles a week while some others are  running 70,80,90...and not that I SHOULD feel bad at all...but I'm sure with all the stress it will be easy to question whether or not I'm doing enough.
It was nice to talk about how some bodies do better with higher mileage and some do better with speed. Too bad I have no idea WHAT mine does better with??:/ but I KNOW I will not have time to peak at more than 70 miles. I will be ELATED if I can hit 70. I guess we'll just see how it goes. I have to trust that I can still run a great time and a great race on lower mileage. I haven't talked to John about it lately but I do remember him mentioning in the past that I would probably peak at 65-70 miles so we'll see:)
After our quick chat and then talking more about it with Steph who has been running 50 miles a week consistently and ran 2 amazing half marathon times this summer....I feel a bit better. I only hit 59 miles one week for myfirst marathon and i did great there so I am just gonna go with it and embrace whatever these legs give me on April 16th. It's nice not having too much pressure on myself.

Okay..one more random before I go blow my nose and hit the sack.....
here is my #1 Christmas wish:

This brand new Nike Jacket is AWESOME! Tried it on Saturday. I need it for the cold winter months ahead in which I will be training for Boston OUT SIDE.
I went to the New Nike store and of course had to take a picture in it so Steve would know EXACTLY what he was looking for:)
Reasons why I LOVE this jacket:
1. it is WARM
2. it is Wind proof
3. It has a built in face mask. Last year I looked like a ninja. black ski mask, beanie, gloves, tights etc...you get the idea. I like that this is built in...won't slip down and is yellow:) I don't look as much like a psycho serial killer.
4. it has a tie a draw string in the hood around the BACK of the head so it really stays ON your head! Love it!!! I hate running in the wind and your hood keeps falling down. Ingenius!
Next up: Murder Mystery Party "under the Big top"
We were each assigned circus characters...I was Mandy Small "The Skinny woman"
I had fun doing this crazy makeup:)
Steve was "The Strong Man".....he is looking very threatening here lol.
here are few more of my favorites from the night....
Steve always sets up a photobooth and we all go in and take pics with a
remote. This is our 3rd year doing it...always a blast!

Steve and our friend Jordan lol....

My best friend Lacey and her husband Aaron

My very good friend Tahsha! ( I was super impressed by this!)

Steve trying to "one up" Tahsha! ha ha...nice try honey...looks more like Kung Fu than Gymnastics, but whatev's!
The Strong Man and the Skinny woman= perfect pair;)


  1. REal quick here before I have to take 3 kids down to the hotel for breakfast. Crazy crazy here. Gosh, these kids...fighting! So much to comment on here. I think John is a smart man and I think this 1 min thing sounds like a great way to keep your legs fresh. You know Nicole, I fell into that comparing thing a bit last year for a week or two and then Jenn really put things in perspective for me and made me realize just how different we all are and how we just can't compare. Jenn for example...she thrives off of LOTs of mileage and long runs. She will run her workouts completely different...or a lot of them. And her body is used to high mileage. Me, on the other hand, I may have many years of running under my belt but very few weeks over 50 so I might just experience more success by peaking at lower mileage this time around. I do well with some good speed and tempo. I think increasing mileage will be important for me but only compare to ME. :) I feel thrilled just to have had 2 weeks at 50 but this 50 miles is so tiny compared to so many. Again, it is high mileage to some. It is all relative. I might just be cutting back to 30 or 40 this week to give my body a break because this 50 has been a lot on my body. so, getting caught up in the mileage number has been humbling for me. I'm realizing more and more just how personal it is and how this whole marathon training is about seeing how well we can do for US. Everyone's training will be different but we can only do OUR best. That is one of the coolest things about running...it is so personal. Mileage is just one factor of training....just one. Then you have speed, strength training, nutrition, mental health, etc. If we compare ourselves to our friends then we end up wasting all our energy on things that will get us NOWHERE instead of the things that will get us to where we are going. All about balancing these parts of training uniquely so that they fit our Runner Puzzle...the one that is perfect for us. :) and then just be encouraged and inspired by those other runner friends who are training for Boston. We all want to succeed and we all want to see each other succeed. It is such a safe and supportive feeling. :) Love you girl. Beautiful as always...I want to hear more about this mystery party when I get a chance to call. Off to breakfast! xo

  2. I think I got more air than Steve. Hahaha.


  3. New Reader here...workouts look fun! Great pics too. I struggle with the mileage thing a bit too so thanks for posting. I have never been a high mileage person so something I am working on little by little....

  4. It seems like you don't really do many "junk" miles so I bet that you'll do wonderfully with your mileage. I didn't have a super high mileage plan, but when I did run, I made it count. We'll see if it works when I run my first marathon this Saturday!!

  5. can't wait to hear how those speed workouts go...they sound like fun:) i wouldn't be too concerned about how many miles you'll be doing in comparison to others, running a bizillion miles a week doesn't make someone fast. it's all quality over quantity right?

    like the nike jacket, but the mask scares me. i ran with something covering my mouth once and i felt like i was being suffocated! i would rather take the burning lungs i guess!

  6. I really like your costumes! The makeup is so cool! Steve looks hilarious. and well...you eerily fit the part! Ha!! Looks like a fun time to be had.

    The training looks very good, Nic. Sounds like maybe tempo is going to be MP?

    Love the jacket! I need a new shell too. So glad to hear from you. :)

  7. oh my gosh, that nike jacket is to die for!!! and love your costumes!


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