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Monday, August 29, 2011

My one leg of Hood to Coast

So  I was super excited when Friday arrived b/c I was going to meet up with Melody from I run like a girl to run her first leg of H2C with her!! (and can I just say this woman is in GREAT shape!! I know b/c i was staring at the back of her extremely muscular legs for about 4min:):).
The night before I began to wonder what sort of pace she was planning to run at since I know I am not capable yet of any fast paces and didn't want to slow her down. At the time she thought around 7:30 pace which was perfect for me. (I think she was being modest! lol)...

So when the time came, I joined up with her and she took off!!

About 30 seconds in, when I could hardly catch her I looked down at my garmin to see she was running sub 6:30 pace. (oh crap. is all I thought.). I knew there was NO way I could keep this pace. With 2 mo's off and only 3wks of running back under my belt, I literally am still quite out of shape (in comparison to where I was a few months ago).

I waited to see if she would slow down but she did not. I felt SO bad and disappointed but I had to tell her to go on without me:(:( I held on as long as I could but at 0.6 miles in. I stopped....and to my absolute delight Harmony came along 2 min later:):):)

She was running 7:30-7:45 pace and it felt PERFECT!! (I was so grateful!!)
I knew this was a fast pace for Harm but she was doing great!!!
we ran between 7:45 and 8:10 pace the whole time....and it was FABULOUS!!!
it was so hot and muggy but beautiful! I felt so happy to be running with my Windermere friend. I love that woman. we talked and I encouraged her to push on and hold a pace she hadn't held before...and she did AMAZING!! OH and she jumped over a snake! LOL....I seriously thought she was gonna land right on it!

I also felt amazing on this run! probably b/c I had 5 days off with no running AND b/c of the beautiful company. I really LOVE running with friends:)

 My 5 miles was a 7;45 average and Harm's was an 8:02 (mine only faster b/c of that first fast mile (7:00).
Harm ran the fastest 5 miles of her life and I was so proud of her! I felt great to run at that pace which was encouraging to me.

Here is Harm and I post run. We were DRIPPING with sweat....uuuhhh. Harm I think the reflector vest works well;)

Thoughts post run:
-It was extremely humbling to realize in such an abrupt manner that I am no longer able to run the paces I could a few months ago. I feel like it is must feel like it does to be old or handicapped. In your mind you Think and FEEL like you can do something but your body is no longer capable. and extremely frustrating feeling. STILL, when I lie down at night, I imagine myself running 6min pace and it feels great!
-I already knew I could no longer run those paces but to lose out on an opportunity to run with someone I was really looking forward to getting to know b/c of it sort of stings:(:(
-I feel MORE MOTIVATED than ever to keep working at this and to make a comeback.
-I thought I would be further along by now but My body is really not cooperating.
So far I have completed:
week 1: 25 miles
week 2: 30 miles
week 3: 34 miles
week 4: 10 miles (injured again-boo!).
So here I am at the beginning of week 5 and my goal this week is between 35 and 40 miles.
oh WHY does this process have to go so slowly(?).

I realize my love for running is great and to get a tiny taste of all that love and support I saw going on between the runners this weekend makes me so excited to do H2C next year!
Congrats to the NUUN teams for doing so awesome!!!


  1. Hey lady you are AWESOME... Never think otherwise! Melody was training specifically for this race so she is most likely in a peak, so don't compare yourself to her! You're just coming off a really rough past few months and your speed WILL come back. You are making great progress and the fact that you are already up to nearly 40 miles is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! When you hit you peak again, you will be smoking EVERYONE! Speed comes and goes, so it will come back and you will appreciate it so much more when it does!

    Keep clicking away those miles girl! I want to see you wiz by me in Boston one day!

  2. Great job! I know you are down about how you are performing right now but don't lose heart you are amazing, look at where you are already.

  3. Hey girl! I wish I would have seen you. That trail was kind of creepy running alone. Great run both of you! I figured that Melody must have been flying if you had to stop. What was her final average on that leg? And Britt is right, you are AWESOME!!! Everything she said is spot on! You should totally do HTC next year and once you're back...you will fly!! Amazing you!

  4. Be good! Do your easy running..get 100% healed and it WILL come back. You still have a speedster in there!!!

    I am so gald you got to run with both of those ladies. How cool that you live near the route! I am so far away here, I wonder if I will ever do it. :)

    R U Still thinking about the pumpkin run?


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