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Portland area Runners: Weekly morning group run?

Okay ladies! I've been thinking about this for a while so I'm finally putting it out there.....spread the word!
Yesterday I met up with Stephanie at Soggy Runner Girl for a 6mile run along the spring water trail by the water front. We met at 6:45am and it was wonderful! we both agreed that it was SO much nicer to have someone to chat with and pass the time with while getting our run in.

I have wanted to start a weekly morning group run where we meet (at least once a week) every week for an early morning run. Especially as fall/winter approaches I find it is ALWAYS easier to get out of bed and get my run done...even in the FREEZING cold if I know someone is waiting for me:)

SO...I'd like to know who is
1. interested?
2. what day/days are you free?
3. what time in the morning can you go?
I have to be home by 8:15 so I'm up for early, but what about you? whats your schedule?
pass the word on!