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Monday, July 4, 2011

My butt HURTS!!! 18 miles on bike, Sauvie half! and a few pics....

Hello friends!

Happy July 4th! Even though I am not American, I feel like one.  We have lived here for 6yrs and it really does feel like home. I love it and every time  I hear the national Anthem I get emotional, how can you not?
Today was the Sauvie Island Half Marathon. As I mentioned before, I have been planning on running this race for 2yrs. My goal was to break 1:30 on this race, but due to my stress fracture, it was a no-go for me.

My friends, however, have trained very hard to run this race and I couldn't imagine not being there to see them accomplish their goals. I think I get just as much joy out of seeing others reach their goals, and fight to the finish as I do doing it myself. It was a running fix I need VERY BADLY. These girls will probably never know how much food it was for MY soul to be able to ride a bike beside them and see that look in their eyes:)

My friend Stephanie from Soggy Runner Girl was amazing. I rode with her  a few times and then caught her at half a mile to go and she was tired...you could tell, she was working hard but she managed to pull out a kick and seriously was a ROCK star! she crossed the finish line in under 1:28! just incredible. She was the 6th female to finish in a race of over 1500 people!!! I was so proud of her and I only just met her!

My friend Tahsha, this was her first half marathon....she was aiming for 8min pace and she pulled out a 1:42 (7:51 pace)..she was working SO hard at the end that she was dry heaving and then puked when she crossed the finish line. Both these girls totally EMPTIED the TANK! seriously amazing!! it just warmed my heart
to see the FIRE in their eyes!!! I LOVE a competitive Spirit!!

My friend, Helen, was going for a sup 1:21 so she could qualify for the elite group for the Chicago marathon. This chick is HARD CORE! 8wks ago she PR'd in 1:21: 50 ish  and today.........she ran 1:18:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is just nuts. way to go Helen!!

My friend Angie, ran 2 halfs back to back. one yesterday and one today! and PR'd in BOTH!! what a  trooper!

My friend Valerie was trying to break 2hrs but she got sick from eating 2 gu this morning and not drinking any water:(:( she was puking in the bush but still PR'd - that is pretty amazing!

THEN, at the very end...I got to see Amanda from Runninghood finish a "fun" marathon with her hubby in 3:24:25!!! If that is a "fun" marathon, i can't wait to see what she pulls off racing Boston next year! Amanda..you  are amazing! sorry I only got one pic b/c my stupid camera died! I was seriously SO excited when I saw yours and Waylon's smiling faces coming down the home stretch!

Today was a good day and a rough day. Not rough b/c I couldn't run...I really did get to fill my cup by cheering these fabulous women on...but there are other things in my life right now that are really painful and I am so glad I had a little therapy at this race. I love you all and am so proud of you! 
thanks for letting me ride beside you for a while....

I rode a total of 18 miles as I sprinted back and forth trying to check in on everyone. i dont' recommend doing that when the last time you rode a bike was when you were 12. my butt is SO bruised lol and my quads HURT, but it was worth it.

 My good friend Tanja and I ...I stopped to see her at an aid station 
 me on my bike...I look retarded lol....
pacing Stephanie (Soggy Runner girl) in the last half mile
Beautiful Tahsha and Valerie
Helen at mile 12.5


  1. Those are some great updates, those girls did AWESOME! Hope your other bad stuff gets worked out soon.

  2. Whoa, so many speedy and gorgeous women in one race. Glad you could still make it an enjoyable day. Great positive attitude. You'll be off the bike and setting PR's before you know it.

  3. Thank you Nicole! I know I'v already said it but Wow, your bright shining smile and cheering really helped at the end. And I LOVE the picture you took! Even though I look nasty and too skinny, It captures so much more. Way to get out there and feed your soul by encouraging all of us and being part of a sport you love! Take care of those buns! xo

  4. Those are some seriously fast racers!!

    That was so kind of you to go an pace those ladies and to take some great shots. My butt would hurt too! I think I might like to try a squishy saddle. ;)

    I am really looking forward to you running again! Love that sunny disposition you have!

  5. This is all really inspiring, and I could use a bit of inspiration today!

  6. Gorgeous GIRL!!! You are such an amazing friend!! I truly admire you and KNOW you are going to be back in action ASAP conquering all of your goals!! LOVE YOU!!!

  7. What a great group of amazing women! Just goes to show what hard work and determination does. I bet you being there helped them so much. You are going to be back rocking the pavement in no time!


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